Thursday 20 June 2019

A paw-fect trip to Norfolk

Following on from our success with a dog friendly Airbnb property last year we decided to book a short break to Norfolk to show Coco a bit more of the Eastern coastline. The weather last week was horrendous and I was anxiously watching the forecasts in the hope that we would be able to get a few beachy dog walks in during our stay.  We were so lucky, the weather was dry all the time we were there except for one rainy spell overnight which we all slept through!

Needless to say, Coco was the one who took the most luggage and after watching us pack our bags with a suspicious look in her eye she could hardly believe her luck when we loaded up the car and then put her car harness on. So this is our trip to Norfolk - as seen through a dog's eye.

After a two hour trip, the humans fancied stopping off at Wells Next The Sea for some early lunch.  They had bacon baps sitting on the sea wall, while I had to be content with watching them and hoping for crumbs.  We went for a walk along the front where I almost got my paws on a crab!  Seems that little humans enjoy fishing for crabs along the water's edge here and apparently they may get upset if an innocent dog accidentally knocks over the bucket they are holding them in.

We stayed at Burnham Overy Staithe in a little Victorian cottage that was built in 1867.  I soon made myself at home in a lovely oversized armchair.  I had brought my own quilt to lay on so it was very comfortable.

In the afternoon, I decided that it was time to take the humans out for a bit of a walk.  It was about one and a half miles from our cottage to the beach but oh boy did I have fun once we reached the sand dunes

I had been sensible and taken my own food with me for our stay but it seems that my humans forgot to do the same and so I had to take them to the pub in the evening 

The next day we got in the car and went to Holkham Hall, which was a lovely 18th Century house set in amazing grounds.  Honestly I have never seen so many ducks in one place.  Not to mention a whole load of geese which didn't seem ever so happy to see a dog running towards them.  I was only being friendly!  I wasn't allowed in the hall so we walked around the grounds, past the lake and into the walled garden.  Then I decided it was time we went for another beach walk.

I tell you, if you are as fond of squirrels as I am, this really is the place to go, that woodland was full of them, I've never been so excited in my life before.

I was exhausted after all my wildlife adventures so I had a little nap in the car when we left Holkham and when I woke up we were in Burnham Market.  Apparently we only parked up and went for a walk so that I could 'stretch my legs' but I think my humans were really thinking about lunch.  We found a dog friendly Italian deli where they enjoyed a sharing lunch

and I enjoyed laying beside the table while all the customers came over and told me how gorgeous and well behaved I was.  

The next day we had another walk around the harbour area near our cottage, I had a little paddle in the sea and then we packed our bags.  Needless to say, the humans wanted to stop off on the way home - allegedly for me to stretch my legs again (they're perfectly long enough as they are thank you, stop using me as an excuse to go to the pub) and then to have a lie down while they had lunch.

All in all, I had a lovely holiday, and I honestly don't know why they don't take me away with them more often.  The pubs and cafes all welcomed me warmly, there were bowls of water in all the places we went and they all had tins of dog treats to tuck into while your humans are having their dinner.  I wonder where I'm going next?


Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I just love how you wrote this from Coco's perspective. I bet that was so fun with the squirrels around!!
And she got to go to the pub with you?? Now that's special!!

alexa said...

A very clever and entertaining post :). Perhaps there could be a monthly feature like this from Coco's point of view? I think it would be very popular ...

Patio Postcards said...

Well Coco you did an excellent job in capturing the highlights of a wonderful get away. Hopefully this taste of blogging has you in for more adventures over the summer. This side of the pond, in one very large city, Toronto, there's a big debate on whether to allow dogs on to outdoor dining patio areas, perhaps you can share with the dogs of the cities how good behaviour can promote such a cause ... Pups On Patios Unite!

Ruth said...

I love that Miss Coco is a memory keeper! She did a great job on capturing the essence of your break in Norfolk ... clever girl! said...

Coco - world traveler. That pup is just so cute. Great vocabulary, too! We wandered around a pet supply store PetCo today and it was full of pups on leashes. I wish it had been that way when my pups were still living. Enjoyed reading about your adventures from Coco's perspective.