Monday 3 June 2019

Me on Monday

Don't mention the football.

Not a word.

Because it isn't any good saying 'you did really well to get to the final' or 'that penalty in the first few minutes was so unfair' - what it all comes down to is that these smiling Tottenham supporters tending to lamb kebabs on the barbecue ...

(please note optimistic dog in bottom right corner, hoping that there'll be leftovers for her - there weren't)

... were feeling fed up and down in the mouth like this

90 minutes later.

Hey ho.  

So what does today hold for me?  A few hours looking after the ravishing Miss Rosie while her mum has an appointment in London.  It's not often we see her on her own and this will only be the second time we've babysat for her in six months.  Big bro will be at pre-school for some of the time so she can have our undivided attention.  Are we looking forward to it?  You bet!  

Tune in again tomorrow when I'll be sharing my sentence a day for May!


Patio Postcards said...

Having a barbeque is one way for the men folk to feel better about their sports team. Right now in Canada it's all about the Raptors team (basketball). I can see where the expression of dog tired comes from - Coco models it so well :)

Ruth said...

There's so much I could say about the football ... but gloating is not a nice trait!
Coco is looking very pretty!

Barbara Eads said...

So sorry to hear your team lost. Although I'm not really in to football, I can relate to the feelings! When our team loses, it tends to put a shadow over everything. I can remember my daughter saying that when she was in college, if Notre Dame lost, it ruined the weekend! I guess that's just how it is!

alexa said...

Aw, Coco does disconsolate very well ... Echoing the humans around her, clearly. Great photo.