Thursday 2 April 2020

Currently ...

What day of the week is it?  They are all blurring into one and now having been early with yesterday's post I am a day late with this one!

I am again joining in with the 'Currently' series hosted by Anne, and I think that this month is going to look very different to normal!

Sharing - Humorous videos and snapchat photos with various friends and family to brighten our moods during this very strange time of not being able to see each other properly.

Writing - Very detailed shopping lists.  As we are only going to the shops once a week, there is no opportunity to just pop out for a few items, if we don't get it on our weekly trip, we have to live without it for 7 days!

Wishing - So many things!  Mostly wishing that this situation does not go on for too many more months, we need to get it under control as soon as possible.  I will definitely be making up for lost time when we do get to see our family in person once again.

Investigating - new recipes so that we use every scrap of the food mentioned above!  I don't think we normally throw away much food, but nowadays nothing is going to waste.  

Buying - very little!  I didn't realise how often I would pop in the car and have an hour or two just browsing around the shops.  So, basically at the moment the only new items arriving in our house are edible!

Wow this would have been very different if I'd written it last year!  


Ruth said...

I said the same thing about not spending just last night. There was a piece on the news about staff and current conditions at the ASOS warehouse and I did wonder who was still buying clothes.
If it's edible, it's in. If not, it can wait.

Patio Postcards said...

It is interesting how we are managing our food stuffs; new recipes, creative ways with leftovers, no waste. We plan for a shop of every 3 weeks to reduce our time out to exposure.

It will be interesting at this time next year when FaceBook gives us a reminder of our post from now. Enjoy your FaceTime :)

Anne said...

Same here - usually I stop at the store every couple of days for whatever I need, but I'm being much more careful with writing detailed lists these days! Looking forward to being able to see family and friends again in person too. Hang in there!

alexa said...

Looks as if we are all being frugal and thoughtful with food these days - which can only be a good thing - but I am wondering how long the current mostly-available situation will last as we move into Spring, and crops abroad are not being picked and/or shipped. Loving those bunny ears! It's always nice to see a photo of you. said...

We have been to the grocery two fairly big trips since I got back from mom's but it is impossible to keep fresh produce. Oh, well. That's a minor thing.

They have strongly suggested we wear masks when we leave the house...not for a walk but to go anywhere that we will be in contact with others. Today we walked up to the neighborhood market and didn't wear masks but they only allowed 4-5 people in the store at a time. We wanted to pick up doughnuts like we usually do on our way to church. But today, of course, there was no church. So we walked home and ate them on the patio and watched church online.

With all of the inconveniences of corona, it has caused us to be more creative and do things in new ways. PC swears we could eat for a month on the things we have in the house right now. But it would be scraps and bits and pieces in the end.

Stay safe darling you.

Susanne said...

Well today marks 11 days since I was last at the grocery store, and I'm trying hard to stretch it to Friday a full 14 days. Lots of leftover Easter ham will help in that regard - sandwiches, bean soup and I may even give ham salad a try. I am keeping a running list of things that have run out, but I find the hardest part is to try and menu plan when sometimes key things are missing from the store. So we are eating very differently than before - neither better or worse - just differently.