Monday 18 May 2020

Discovering what we've missed

Sometimes you don't realise exactly how much you've missed something until it comes back.  I mean, I knew I was missing seeing little baby Max even with daily photos and a weekly zoom family chat, but it wasn't until this turned up on my doorstep on Friday

that I realised just how much I'd missed seeing him in the flesh (even from a safe 6' distance!) and I also realised I can't call him little baby Max anymore, he's a sturdy ten month old almost-toddler now!  It absolutely made my day to be able to walk over the park with them and have a proper chat and I hadn't appreciated that although I thought I was feeling OK, there is a big difference between OK and good.

Another very 'minor in comparison' thing that I discovered I'd been missing was a traditional Sunday lunch. I have been busy sourcing new recipes and ways of using up random kitchen ingredients, and it's been absolutely weeks since we had a normal proper roast Sunday lunch.

Roast lamb, baby Jersey Royal new potatoes, broccoli, carrots, leeks and homemade Yorkshire pudding, it was so nice to have something traditional again.  Even better, there's enough leftover lamb to make a lamb and chickpea curry for dinner tonight!

Another thing that we knew we were missing was a haircut - well now one of us (not me) is looking much tidier since our daughter let me borrow her hairdressing scissors.

I don't honestly trust Paul to cut my hair, I'd rather wait until I can have it done properly but  he was happy to let me loose on his {after all, there isn't much hair to work with in the first place!} and I am pretty pleased with my efforts.

So all in all, we are starting this week feeling a little bit better and remembering that we are now another week closer to getting back to 'normal' - tiny steps at a time.  Keep well and keep safe everyone x


Ruth said...

How lovely that you got to see them - I am longing to be hugged round the knees by Los Pequenos!
Your roast lamb supper looks delicious but I'm afraid that I'd need a lot more gravy - it's a Northern thing ... We've also been eating more roasts than usual - anything that will get vegetables into TBC. Last night, though, I tried a recipe from Good Housekeeping - Chicken Normandy - recipe on the blog later this week.
Ah, haircuts ... I was able to put my name on the waiting list yesterday, although they don't think they'll be opening before the beginning of July. I shall be very shaggy by then! Both boys are now in need of a cut - I wonder if their barber might be prepared to meet them in the park, or even on our driveway. I must follow up on that. The Brainy One didn't seem keen when I suggested that he might allow me to use the clippers on him ... And it seems that the dog groomer might be opening again this week, so I need to try and get Tilly an appointment. The things we've always taken for granted.

Patio Postcards said...

I can only imagine your joy at seeing your Grandson, young Max, live, even if at a distance. I think there are many grandparents feeling lost without those special hugs. Brave Paul letting you cut his hair, Mr Man says he'll go to the man bun before he lets me loose with scissors! Mr Man wants me to make him a beef roast, which will be the last of it as we have moved into a meat shortage this side of the pond, so I was waiting for a special occasion. What that day is I don't know.

Maggie said...

I think I am even further away from cutting my husband's hair after I trimmed the forsythia bush today. I was told that looked like a lockdown haircut! How lovely to see your grandson. I bet your arms really ached to hold him. We have had Sunday roast every week. I wouldn't get away without producing one!

Cheri said...

Couldn't agree with you more Deb - there is a HUGE difference between okay and good! In the flesh beats Zoom any day of the week. Within my immediate family we've given up on social distancing and celebrated Sarah's MBA graduation yesterday in the house, together, with hugs. More things are opening here although our individual counties are still on stay-at-home orders and we are still using masks in public. Our grocery store removed all the directional signs so we can now travel either direction in the aisles. It's the little things!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I'm so glad you got to see your boys. We are so looking forward to the day when we can travel to York to see our grandson. We will miss his 4th birthday this year but we'll make up for it in hugs when we see them.
I'm hoping that my hairdresser has a list open for appointments and I can get my name on it, although hubby is doing a great job colouring my grey at the moment :)

Barbara Eads said...

It's so nice that you were able to get out with little Max---he's still a baby!! But, they do grow so fast. I can't believe that mine are all grown up! Seems like only yesterday they were babies!

Susanne said...

Oh how lovely to get back some of what you have been missing. I am sure a not-so-little Max is much more animated in person. And that has to be much more fun. My husband finally let me trim up the back of his neck and straighten the edges, so it looks better. But he decided he wanted to trim around his ears on his own. He says that part now feels a little better. So mission accomplished, more or less. I think in about another month, my bangs will finally be long enough to be swept to the side as the first layer of my cut. By then, the shortest layer will also be long enough to be kept in a ponytail. My baby, of 24, is coming home to visit this weekend.

LA Paylor said...

my husband said, it'll grow back and meanwhile, I'm an engineer... we're not known for being stylish!
So putting a trash bag over his shoulders, I went in after watching a how to video on youtube.
I think the haircut came out better than his professional ones.
He felt pretty secure after watching me groom our poodles hair for years I guess.
He's lucky I didn't leave a poof on his topknot!
LeeAnna from Not Afraid Of Color blog

ps your doodle is adorable... we have a standard poodle son named Milo who is 3