Monday 25 January 2021

Me on Monday

 What a difference a bit of snow makes

I wouldn't be able to call myself British if I didn't start the day off by mentioning the weather!  We had our first proper snow yesterday and how lovely it looked.  Of course it didn't last long in any place that a child could slide or make snowballs but it was fun while it lasted.  Temperatures overnight of -4 meant that it was pretty icy underfoot on our dog walk this morning but dogs don't care about cold weather!  I didn't actually take any photos yesterday but this is how things look on Monday around these parts

Clear skies and sunshine probably mean that this light covering that had survived in the local square will be gone by lunchtime 

And this little chap who had made it through the night is probably just a pool of melted ice now

Just when the news is nothing but doom and gloom, Mother Nature reminds us that better times are coming.  It was lovely to notice snowdrops opening their buds in the woodland near us.  Doesn't it lift your spirits to see signs of spring?  


Patio Postcards said...

And here I thought talking about the weather was a Canadian thing (lol).

Cute snowman & oh be still my heart for those snowdrops! It will be at least April before we see any spring bulbs poking through the soil. Yes spring, literally & figurately always follows winter ... we can only hope for an early spring.

Susanne said...

Oh, those bulbs do give us hope. Hubby says that he thinks winter is going by quickly, me not so much.

Ruth said...

We had a lot of fun in the snow yesterday - both TBC and Tilly thoroughly enjoyed racing around like mad things. :)
I haven't spotted any snowdrops yet, but I have noticed that quite a few bulbs are breaking through.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I've spotted a few snow drops too. Hopefully a sign of warmer, drier weather.

alexa said...

I spotted some snowdrops a few days ago just before our latest heavy snowfall - hoping they survive the ten centimetres (4 inches) lying on top of them. They weren't as far out as yours, but they are indeed a cheerful harbinger of Spring! said...

You know how I love a snow but those snow drops are a sight for sore eyes. I think I am ready for spring now that we had another little dusting of snow yesterday. Surely, surely the world will open up when the temperatures warm.