Thursday 1 July 2021

A sentence a day in June

 June has started with warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine and the prospect of more relaxation of rules by the end of the month ...

Day 1 Should have taken Leo and Rosie to the zoo but they succumbed to a sick bug in the early hours of the morning so we ended up taking Max instead.

Day 2 Max came over for the day and discovered that even if you take your bowl of rice cakes into a ball pit, Coco will still try to come in and 'share' them

Also happy to report that the results to my blood test showed that I am positive for antibodies which must mean that the covid vaccination has worked!

Day 3 Zumba at 10, hair appointment at 12, coffee with friends at 2pm - what a lovely busy day 😊

Day 4 After days of sunshine, back came the rain - a lazy day indoors gave me the excuse to crack on with my crochet

Day 5 My sister's 50th wedding anniversary.  Instead of going somewhere exotic to celebrate they have a weekend away in Norfolk!

Day 6 Had Leo and Rosie here to make up for Day 1, their mum and dad headed off for their delayed lunch in Cambridge!

Day 7 Was quite humid today but that didn't mean I couldn't get totally up to date with my ironing #leastfavouritejob

Day 8 Rosie was here today and was so happy to discover that I was wearing a pale blue dress very similar to the one she was wearing, she kept saying 'Nanny, we twins!'

Also played dress up while waiting for their mum to come and collect them.

Day 9 Max came to play for the day and Jon had his first Covid vaccination - it was a hot day today, we tried playing out in the garden but came in after a short while as it was cooler indoors.

Day 10 Zumba in morning, friends came over for coffee and cake in the garden in the afternoon - apparently there was a partial solar eclipse this morning, but too cloudy to see any evidence of it here.

Day 11 Rachel had a big presentation to do for work, so I ended up taking Rosie to Wiggle Wiggle for her dance class; safe to say I was twice the age of the other mums there!

Day 12 Friends came over for dinner - weather was glorious so we were able to eat in the garden - was a lovely evening.

Day 13 More entertaining!  Rachel and Jon both came over for lunch with their families, it was so lovely to see the grandchildren all playing together in the garden.

Day 14 The day we had news about easing of restrictions ... a four week delay - hey ho.

Day 15 Today we had this month's covid and antibody tests, it was also our day for having Rosie but fortunately she was napping when the tester arrived so didn't have to witness Nanny and Grandad stabbing themselves in the finger!

Day 16 Max and his dad came for the day - we look after Max while Jon works from home in our house, it's a combination which works well. 

Day 17 Zumba in the hall was hot, hot, hot.  So humid today, and then the rain came 

Day 18 Rachel and children stayed overnight as James was spending the evening in London watching the football, Rosie and Leo were so excited to be having another sleepover

Day 19 Had friends over for a meal in the evening, haven't seen them since September last year - there was a lot of catching up to do!

Day 20 Father's Day meant that Paul did a lot of relaxing and eating and drinking his favourite things!

Day 21 Had Rosie here for a few hours while Rachel went to the dermatology unit at the hospital. 

Day 22 Our day for having Rosie and Leo, oh how I wish we had their energy.

Day 23 Jon brought Max over for the day, I took him into town to be measured for new shoes and he proudly wore his new red trainers for the rest of the day.

Day 24 Zumba! Also had Rosie in the afternoon as her childminder is still on holiday #comehomesoon #Iamexhausted

Day 25 Went to visit friends who have moved close to the coast, we went early so we could squeeze in a walk along the seafront at Frinton with Coco before we were due there for lunch.  Also went to friends for drinks in the evening, what a busy, sociable day!

Day 26 Spent most of the day tidying up in the garden, things have really grown well this year, all the rain followed by days of sun has obviously worked wonders

Day 27 Rachel, James, Leo and Rosie came for Sunday lunch, did some pond dipping in the garden in the afternoon and discovered that we have lots and lots of baby newts hiding in there.

Day 28 A day of medical appointments - Jon & Sophie had reassuring news at their 21 week baby scan and Rachel had the biopsy carried out on her leg.

Day 29 Had Rosie for the day, Coco went to the groomers and surprise, surprise ...  England v Germany Euro 2020 football match in the evening and ... we won!

Day 30 Had a lovely day with Max then an evening to myself as Paul went to the pub with friends for a delayed football celebration.

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Patio Postcards said...

June was certainly a busy busy month for you, but with lots of making up for all that social distancing we had to do for so long.

Ruth said...

Another busy and full month for you all - some stressful parts as well. x

noyon said...
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♥ Liz ♥ said...

Your crochet is looking lovely. SO many different stitches to try.

Natasha said...

So much fun family and friend time for you this month! Yay! I hope you get some down days in July :)

Cathy said...

It sounds like you had a very busy month, but it sounds perfectly wonderful too. I love your blanket you're making. So very beautiful. Hope your July will be just as lovely.

Wildflower Adventures said...

Having lunch in your garden area looks lovely. We finally got a little rain after having a dry spell. We are finally seeing growing progress in the vegetable garden. What a lovely time spent with the Grands. I enjoy going to the zoo. We went to Reptile Gardens with the Grands when they visited. There was too many creepy looking snakes for my viewing & petting. I mostly hung back & looked after the baby & pushed the stroller. Karen

Fairytales and Fitness said...

Aww, A walk along the coast sounds lovely! There aren't too many beaches near me that are dog friendly. We use to take our older dogs to Virginia Beach on the off season and they loved it!

Meranda@Fairytlesandfitness said...

Lots of good stuff in the month of June. Glad for all of the time you were able to spend with those sweet babies and their parents. How fortunate for Jon that you can watch Max while Jon works from your home. I am on baby duty for three days this week and 3 days next week. Makes me tired just thinking about it. But loved getting snuggles this morning from my girls.

Hope Rachel's tests come back with some definitive answers. I don't think Lauren's biopsies helped her doctor figure out anything more. So frustrating that our darling daughters have to endure all of this with no real answers about what is going on.

The crochet project is just so pretty, Deb. Those colors are lovely together. You really picked that up easily.

Glad your garden has done so well. With the last week of rain, our yard has filled in very well. And our temps have been very moderate and comfortable. As I type, it is only 76* here and early afternoon. Clouds are moving in with the possibility of more rain.

Joanne said...

Sounds like you spent such a fun month with family and friends! We've been having lots of sun during the days and then a storm with lots of rain each night so things are growing quite well here too.