Monday 26 July 2021

Me on Monday

 I'm back!

You may have noticed a lack of posts from me last week, as we were on our holiday.  We were SO lucky with the weather, every day dry and sunny, which as we all know, is never guaranteed in England!  In normal times we would have headed off on a plane to some European resort and settled ourselves into a hotel to be waited on with buffet breakfasts, drinks by the pool, having local food for dinner in a restaurant which took our eye as we wandered around and going to bed each night with a very good chance that we would wake again to sunshine the next day.

What we wouldn't have had was 

Beach huts

Quirky little knitted and crocheted covers to post boxes


The opportunity to go crabbing in the harbour

An old fashioned pier

An amazing gelato shop 5 mins walk from our door
(ok, so we may have found this one overseas!)

🌅 🌅 🌅

As you may have guessed, we have had a lovely week away.  A proper old fashioned British seaside holiday.  Southwold is full of character, has a glorious beach, a harbour where you can go crabbing, large green areas on which to fly kites and have freshly caught fish and chips on a picnic blanket for dinner.  We even had a day when Jon and Max came to join us and it was wonderful to see all three grandchildren playing around on the beach.  

It was a week of sunshine, laughter and happy memories.  

I think that today we are all suffering from the post-holiday blues.


Patio Postcards said...

Welcome back & glad to know you have a marvelous holiday with accompanying good weather. I laughed at the seagull cover for the mail box; yarn bombing is certainly popular in England. You may have a 2nd career in writing holiday at home brochures, I'm sold on a holiday at Southwold.

Ruth said...

How great to hear that you all had a fabulous time - thank goodness the weather played ball! I've never been to Southwold, but your photos are tempting me to look into rectifying that oversight! :)

Barbara Eads said...

There is still so much of England that we want to explore. So many trips, so little time!! I'm glad that despite your limitations with travel, you were able to get away. That's pretty much what saved us last year--just being able to get outside with a few driving trips--especially to the beach! We're really looking forward to our travel plans for this next year.

Jennifer said...

Welcome home! Oh, it does look like a lovely holiday!! Thanks for sharing your photos....makes me want to go away!!

alexa said...

What glorious photos! It looks like the perfect place for a lovely time away - you've made me go off and google :). I love the happy snap of you enjoying your ice-cream!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Gorgeous photos of what seems to have been a great week away. Who needs a foreign holiday when the sun is shining in the UK? :0)

Deb's World said...

Your summer beach holiday looks perfect Deb - no wonder you have post holiday blues! said...

Your holiday photos are beautiful. So glad you had a good trip. I understand the home from vacay blues. I think I've been suffering from those this week. Hope to get straightened out come Monday.

So glad that Rachel was able to join you for a bit of time, too. Now begins the count down to back to school and then the new babies for your family then mine. Lucia started school on last Monday and Cadence starts this Monday. I have accepted a library sub job at a school where I have worked long term in the past. Hope I will only be there about a month while they interview and hire a new librarian. But look forward to making some Christmas money!! said...

Clicked on the photo of the houses and the moon and it enlarged!! Didn't realize they would do that. What a tremendous shot you captured.