Monday 9 August 2021

Scavenger Hunt 2021 - 2nd roundup

 It's time for the second roundup of photos for the Summer Photo Hunt 2021 organised by Mary-Lou over at Patio Postcards.  My first finds can be seen in this blog post.

2 Favourite time of day

Is it the moon coming up?  Or the sun going down? 

6 What makes you laugh or happy

All the family together - there was no competition for this one!

12 Something that is cause for celebration


16 A guilty pleasure; something that recharges you

I have just three words.  Salted caramel gelato.  

17 An exit

Found at the end of a crazy golf course

18 Upside down, Right side up

I thought I may struggle with this one, but the current restrictions on entry and exit from shops came to my rescue

19 Steps but who's counting

There's not many of them, and they are not steep, but when you are weighed down by all the paraphernalia needed for a day on the beach, including two kites and a buggy, they are the final hurdle to the road home!

Are you joining in?  There's still time to start!  I can't wait to see what everyone else has found.


Patio Postcards said...

Thanks Deb for joining in with all your finds for the SPSH. I chuckled at your upside down right side up photo; I wonder how many people actually were paying attention to the floor signs? Lots of lovely finds from your holidays & your exit photo is quite the sign. Yes yes yes to your #16 a guilty pleasure.

Ruth said...

Some great finds here! Thanks for the tip re using Covid directional signage for #18. I love that shot of you with all your family together. :)

Jennifer said...

That birthday celebration photo is just the best! Well, gelato looks and sounds rather lovely as well!! said...

Glad to see your summer scavenger hunt update. I wasn't sure when the second update was going live. I tried to find it on May-Lou's blog and missed the date. Then saw your update and went back over to Patio Postcards and saw hers. Will get mine up this weekend.

I think I remarked on that sundown-moon up photo on Instagram maybe? Gorgeous shot. Either way!! With your time at the beach, you were able to tick off several of the prompts. Great capture for exit. Much better than a red exit sign above a door which was all I could think of. Oh, the steps!! You are so right about being loaded down with stuff when beach-going with family. Our condo was right on the beach but 5 floors up. And the elevator was slower than molasses in the winter. It was easier to take the stairs. We would all hold as much stuff as we could and then waddle down the stairs and out to the beach everyday. Wonder if I have a photo of us dragging all those beach-going necessities.

Louise H said...

What beautiful photos, and the great thing is that we can interpret them in anyway we desire. You have such a beautiful family and I love how they are at the heart of so many of your photos

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love your interpretations of the photo prompts. And what could ever be a bigger cause for celebration than a birthday for a beautiful child!

Deb's World said...

This is such a great way to share photos and be creative Deb - love it! Good fun.