Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Scavenger Hunt 2021 First link up

 Just like that, we are at the point where we share the first photos for the Scavenger Hunt.  Where did that first month go?  How are you doing?  It feels like I've made a slow start and some of these I share now may not make the final cut but here we go

1 A breakfast of champions

Does anyone else enjoy avocado on toast with a poached egg on top for breakfast?  I love it!  Seasoned well with salt and lemon juice and a sprinkling of chilli powder in the mashed avocado - yum.

4 Head in the clouds

Now, bear with me.  Use your imagination and look carefully. Can you can kind of see a side profile picture of Coco?  

5 Art of the fold

I'm going to try and redo this one - as I'm not sure that an origami crane is supposed to look so crumpled from where you fold and refold the wings.

7 What's in bloom

Rosie very kindly picked one of each coloured flower she found in the garden, put them in her kettle to make some flower tea for us.

10 The delivery van

I had been having weekly grocery deliveries during lockdown, but have now gone down to about one a month, here is my Ocado man and his 'red cabbage' van.

11 The shape of round

We bought this bug house at the beginning of Spring hoping that we would have some occupants by now but we haven't seen much activity coming and going apart from a ladybird now and again.  I guess that all manner of creepy crawlies could be inside without us realising!

That's it, six out of the twenty.  Are you joining in too?  Please do pop over to Patio Postcards  and see what other people have found.


Patio Postcards said...

Deb, thank you for joining in the SPSH. I like Rosie's tea blend & yes I do see Coco in those clouds. We have a similar Mason Bee house, but I don't see any residences either!
I do like poached eggs on toast, not sure about the avocado though, maybe I'll give it another go. :)

Ruth said...

If I turn my head and squint, I can see Coco in the clouds! :) Great spot! :)

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I remember very hesitantly trying avocado on toast. I loved it! I’m going to add a poached egg next time. 😊

Jennifer said...

I like the delivery van! And breakfast looks delish!!:)

Liz said...

Great finds. I love Rosie's idea for making tea. That was so sweet of her.

Bless said...

You have made a great start! Loved the flower tea! said...

Fun interpretations. Love that sweet Rosie fixed you gals some tea with the blossoms she picked. Definitely see Coco in the cloud. We are having clouds lately...something we rarely have...but none of them have inspired me for the challenge. Great idea to use origami for the fold prompt. I have a professionally folded crane I could use. Was thinking along the line of a pleated skirt but might borrow your clever idea.

Kirstin said...

I love your choices Deb. They're awesome.

Karen said...

I think you've done marvelously for the first round! I'm also a fan of your breakfast! Great choices for the prompts.