Monday 28 February 2022

Me on Monday


Well it seems that there may be a pot of gold in the garden of one of our neighbours! I took this photo last week when we had a day of every type of weather imaginable.  It's not often you see both ends of a rainbow is it?

What a week of news it has been.  It seems so hard to believe that while we are living peacefully and making plans for the coming days there is so much trouble and heartache overseas.  

We are planning to go to Cambridge today, the weather is sunny, our favourite place for lunch has reopened after refurbishment and I have a birthday coming up and Paul is worried that I have not given him any ideas for gifts! 

Tuesday and Wednesday will be our usual childminding days but on Thursday it will not be a normal Zumba class.  Oh no, we are going to be filmed by a professional videographer for a promotional video.  No pressure to remember the steps this week then 😳 One of the ladies who used to come to class is an amazing fundraiser for a local hospice.  At the age of 85 she puts the rest of us to shame.  To give you an idea of her escapades, 4 years ago the local paper ran a story about her entitled 'Super-gran Georgie takes on the zip wire'  when she did the 490m zip wire challenge in Cornwall.  Over the years she has raised £13,000 with her daredevil sponsored challenges, including walking over the roof of the 02 arena and sliding down the Stratford Orbit Slide.   Georgie has attended our Zumba classes for many years until a fall last year left her in need of a hip operation.  Did this stop her coming to class?  Not at all, she still turns up, full make up on, dressed to the nines and joining in while seated at the side of the hall.  Her grandson is a videographer and wants to record the amazing life that his grandmother leads and the fantastic fundraising that she still does culminating in a Platinum Jubilee Coffee Morning after one of our classes at the end of March.  So we will be polishing up our belly dancing coin skirts, shaking our maracas and generally putting our best feet forward on Thursday.  Wish us luck!



Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Have fun in Cambridge! I have been going there most Tuesdays for work, although I don't get to see the centre as my company is on the outskirts near Fulbourn.
Super gran Georgie sounds amazing, what an inspiring lady. Enjoy the filming!

Patio Postcards said...

A star is born - I would certainly like to see the video the Grandson is making about his Gran. I am sure you will remember all your steps & shake with the best of them. I hope you have a good day out in Cambridge & that the restaurant in its new glory satisfy those hunger pangs :)

Ruth said...

Have fun in Cambridge, The Brainy One is there later this week, first time in 2 years.

What a sweet thing the grandson is doing for his granny, I bet you all have a blast!

Susanne said...

I hope your day in Cambridge was fun. That Georgie sounds like quite a gal, what in the world is the secret to all that energy at that age. Well, doing good works, right! Bless her.

Barbara Eads said...

I know what you mean about what's happening across the world! I feel so bad for the Ukranian people. I don't really understand why the rest of the world is letting it happen. It makes me feel guilty that we are living in our own little bubble. I'm lazing at the beach while so many people are in fear for their very lives. I guess all we can do is pray for them!