Friday 3 February 2023

Let's sit and have a cup of coffee

 Hello!  Come on in; sit down and we'll have a cup of coffee together.

Time has sped by since our last meet up, how have you been?  I really hope you are keeping well.  

Excuse the piles of brochures everywhere; the contract on Paul's car ends in September and he's in the process of deciding what to do next.  His ecological conscience is telling him to go for an electric model this time but the reality of high electricity costs and lack of charging points is muddying the water.  He's currently veering towards a hybrid but who knows what the final decision will be?

Then we have the piles of holiday brochures - It's taken a while to decide on a destination as we don't like to return to somewhere we have been before.  Even if we've had a fantastic time, there's still so many other places to explore.  So we have finally chosen a holiday to Sicily.  We love Italy and have decided to try one of the islands.  We'll be staying in a town called Cefalu - have you been?  If so, I'd love to hear what you thought!  Have you any plans for travel yet?

Did you notice on your way in that the bulbs we planted in the front garden are all starting to grow into bud?  I can't wait for them to open into flower, I'm so impatient for winter to be over, and long for a bit of spring sunshine.  Do you have a favourite spring flower?  Daffodils are so cheerful but I think that tulips are my favourites.  Every day I say 'if it's warmer tomorrow I'm going to go and tidy the garden a bit more' and it never is!  I set off with good intentions but after about 15 minutes the sun goes in, it turns chilly and I put my gardening gloves and secateurs back in the shed ready for another day.  Oh well, I guess every 15 minutes counts, we'll get there in the end!

Thank you for popping by, it's a short month this time, won't be long until we get together in March! 


Patio Postcards said...

I'll not say no to a cup of tea please. Yes I did notice those flowers ready to pop in the front garden. I long to be out in my garden, but we have months to go of snow & cold before I can even think of that. I plant mostly daffodils, cheerful sunny little faces after the winter grey & squirrels don't seem to bother with them. Mind you I really like tulips but alas not many survive in my garden ... did I mention squirrels are a problem.

Oh how lovely to be planning a trip to Italy, no I've never been anywhere in Italy, but would love to visit as my favourite movie, Enchanted April, is filmed in Portofino ... ah so pretty, I must look up that island, but I think I remember Stanley Tucci talking about this on one episode of his season two of Finding Italy show. A new car, big decision, so much info to go through to make a decision, it makes your head hurt. Well off I go, thanks for the chat & tea, see you next month when your flowers are in full bloom.

Ruth said...

I will also say yes to a brew, please! I love Italy, what a marvellous time you will have! We have also been looking at booking our summer break, but we are looking West this year. Our first choice destination is proving too costly, so plans B and C are coming to the fore.

It is so lovely to see the flowers peeking through, they may even be in bloom when I stop by again next month!

alexa said...

Oooh, making holiday plans sounds such a good way to lift the January doldrums. I was in Sicily as a student but don't know Cefalu - hoping it's wonderful! Ah yes, cars ... tricky decision with lots of variables. My son has just bought an electric one, but where he lives there are lots of charging points and things are well set up for them. Not alwsy so here, alas. Bravo on your fifteen minutes at a time in the garden - I need to take a leaf out of your book and just get going!

Barbara Eads said...

I enjoyed our little chat today! I just spent part of yesterday going over all of the plantings that need to be removed and replaced due to our deep freeze. I never dreamed they would be back today and planting. I hope it's not too early! I see my daffodils coming up now too!

Susanne said...

I hope he gets his car option decided. Just today we gassed up our car and there were two electric vehicles charging up at the Tesla stations. But one lady had two little girls with her and was trying to find ways to pass the time. Since you can only spend so much time in the gas station's convenience store, and it was pretty chilly for a walk, that example makes me think I really don't see this as an option in my future anytime soon. I certainly wouldn't do it with little kids, and I would think it a safety issue.