Friday 29 September 2023

#WBOYC in September


This is the month with the most amount of letters so far so might be more of a challenge this Month!

September 6th was our 43rd Wedding Anniversary.  Starting reception class at school for Rosie and Max. (Max lives in a little village a short distance from us so not both at the same school)

East Runton was the destination for a long weekend away - what a lovely few days we had on the Norfolk coastline.  Perfect weather and lots of 'dog friendly' places to visit. The weather was glorious and perfect for exploring the local area.

Planning the revamp of the downstairs loo started with the purchase of a new sink unit followed by a rather bold wallpaper choice - watch this space.   

Trying to put on a brave face for Rosie when she had to go to hospital for an operation to insert grommets into her ears. Also tooth inspection at the dentist for me, all appears ok, not needed to be seen for another six months. Which apparently takes us up to Easter!

Extra voluntary NI contributions under much discussion as pension age gets closer and closer!  I've been pleasantly surprised how easy it was to speak to a human being about whether or not it is worth my while filling in a couple of the years I have not been working.  Surely I'm not nearly old enough to be a pensioner?  Spoiler alert - I am!

Making up a small deficit in my national insurance contributions to ensure that I get the full pension when I am officially of retirement age in March next year.

Blood tests as I haven't had one for a few years and I'm now officially in the 'over 65' age group 👵 results were ok but I need to monitor my blood pressure as I am creeping over 'higher end of normal' into mild hypertension territory.

Excruciating pain after twisting awkwardly putting washing in washing machine.  After chatting it through with an osteopath I think that was the final straw in a sequence of things but it really brought it home to me how we take for granted when we can get out of bed or out of a chair without thinking 'oh no!' Good intentions abounding now to keep up the stretching exercises she gave me and to be more mindful about how I pick things up or load a washing machine!

Return to school and Year 3 for Leo. I think everyone needed to get back to their daily routines after six weeks away. It is so lovely to see the world through the eyes of a seven year old!

So that’s it for another month and here it is, 1 Second Everyday.

Joining in with the other Deb, on the other side of the world! She's been far more energetic than me, pop over there to her blog all about it!


retirementreflections said...

Hi, Deb - Happy Wedding Anniversary! I love this post format and may try it myself.
Thank you for joining us at #WBOYC.

Women Living Well After 50 said...

Hi Deb thanks for sharing your September with us at #WBOYC. Happy Anniversary to you. I've recently had some health issues including hypertension - despite living an active and healthy lifestyle. I now am on medication so hopefully the results of my blood tests will see an improvement. x

Jo Tracey said...

Happy anniversary. An up and down month health wise for you but thanks for linking up.

Denyse Whelan. said...

Ah the age's universal! We are now over 70 and closer to 3/4 of a century. How can that be!? You sound like you have a realistic approach to life, and that's a bonus!

Nice visiting you here Deb!


♥ Liz ♥ said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. It was ours this week too, but we're only on 28. Looking forward to seeing the revamped loo. Hubby has decided to have a go at our next week!!

Barbara Eads said...

As usual, you always have a full calendar! The best is your anniversary! Congrats to you. both!

Deb's World said...

You've done very well with the letters for September Deb, a full on month for you indeed! Happy anniversary to you both and thanks for joining us for #WBOYC

Jennifer said...

I learned something here....I have never heard of reception class. Had to look that one up:) Look who's learning new things from blogging!:) said...

Like Jennifer, I had to look up 'reception class' and I am still not sure what it is...sounds like what we call kindergarten. Would that be right?

Happy much belated anniversary. Glad you guys were able to get away for a few days. The photo of the bath houses and the rocks is really pretty. I am have a beach bedroom and it would be lovely framed in there!!

How is Rosie managing with the grommets? Declan goes back in November for another consultation. He hasn't had another ear infection lately but has been sick with croup and just has good days and bad. Not sure what is going on with him.

How are you feeling after straining your back? I have wrestled with putting clothes in the dryer and wrenched my back a time or two. I am trying very hard to up my exercise game just because it seems that I am getting stiffer, less limber, even OLDER!! Grrr.

Enjoyed catching up with you. XO