Monday 1 July 2024

Me on Monday

Last week contained  ‘Splosions’ and ‘Vegetables days’

On Wednesday Olive couldn’t wait to tell me ‘Nanny, we had a splosion outside our house yesday’ and indeed they did! A bus caught fire and exploded just two doors along the road from them. 

You can just see the skeleton of the bus in amongst all the smoke. How scary, but thankfully the driver quickly evacuated the passengers when he noticed smoke coming from the engine and no one was hurt. Jon said their house literally shook when it exploded into flames.

Then when I picked Leo and Rosie up from school the following day Rosie excitedly told me (or so I thought) they were having a vegetable day on Friday. Vegetables Day? I said.  'Yes, we can wear what we like'  I couldn't see how on earth they would dress up as a vegetable and felt sure that if a broccoli costume was likely to be needed, I would have heard about it much sooner!  I should point out that at the time she was skipping away in front of me and chewing on a sweet (It has become a tradition that I take a small treat with me when it's my days to pick up and chewy 'randoms' are a favourite!) It turns out she wasn't saying 'vegetables day' but 'break the rules day' "Nanny, you are silly' I was told in no uncertain terms!  She had already planned a sparkly dress, glitter in her hair, sequinned shoes and some lipstick.

We've had a full on weekend.  Rachel and husband were invited to an adults only wedding on the south coast so were staying overnight.  We had Leo, Rosie and Daisy here from 9am Saturday to after lunch on Sunday.  They are little bundles of whirlwind energy and I was exhausted by the time we waved them goodbye in the afternoon.  They do not stop.

So today finds me trying something new.  I have booked myself onto a trial pilates class.  My husband regularly does a pilates class and really enjoys it so I thought I would give it a go.  I figure that the relaxation part at the end is well deserved after our busy weekend - not to mention the stress of the England football game last night!

Have a good week x


Patio Postcards said...

You have been busy with the grands. That bus fire would have been scary for so many reasons both as a passenger or a nearby resident. Cannot wait to see Rosie's sparkly outfit. My friend swears by Pilates as she says it's the only thing that keeps her upright. Good luck with the trial class.

Ruth said...

I always enjoy hearing little people mispronounce their words. :)
Blimey, an exploding bus would have scared me as well - terrifying and thank goodness no-one was hurt.
Good luck with the Pilates - I tried it during the pandemic and it wasn't for me, although five minutes of stretching works a treat! said...

Break the Rules Day!! Probably much more popular with children than Vegetable Day!! I bet, if need be, you could whip up a darling broccoli costume in record time. But glad Rosie already had her outfit planned. My Cami loves putting on dresses - the longer and fancier, the better. And wears a full face of makeup any chance she gets. The child is much more adept at putting on makeup than I am!!

I know you were worn out keeping the kids and Daisy. How did Coco feel about Daisy coming for a sleepover? The girls and Lauren came for the 4th of July and they jumped into the pool as fast as they could, over and over and over. As fast as they could climb out and jump again. I was exhausted watching them.

How did you like pilates? I tried it once, I think, but found it very difficult. Will be anxious to hear what you think of it.

How exciting and terribly scary that bus explosion must have been. I bet the kids were all a-buzz about it for days. I don't know what is going on around here but cars are catching fire left and right. I know it is terribly hot but not hot enough to send a car into flames!!