Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

School's shut again ! YAY!!! But I have kept myself busy with

Been busy cooking! Home made seeded white loaf and home made celery soup from Delia Smith's Vegetarian Cookbook Which I won in a raffle at work, would never have bought it normally as a) not vegetarian myself and b) have few vegetarian friends! But have to admit I have cooked lots of recipes out of it and you know with Queen Delia, the recipes will always come out good. So a good healthy lunch. Followed by ...
Well, not bad in a BAD way ie not very nice but bad for those of us whose exercise class was cancelled last night and really ought to be making up for it by eating sensibly and doing some exercise at home
and finally
Not often you find me in sensible shoes but these babies got me safely to Sainsburys and back this morning despite the fact that the pavements were like sheets of ice.

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