Sunday, 15 February 2009

Obviously a 'newbie'

I went to my very first crop day today. It was at Welwyn Garden City, and organised by Sue at Crafty Stash . I collected up the equipment I needed, packed it carefully and neatly into a shoe box and drove round to pick up my friend Denise who regularly attends crop meetings and is the person who introduced me to scrapbooking. How inadequate did I feel when she came out the house wheeling behind her a bag which, quite honestly, is bigger than the cabin-style suitcase I use for holidays where I am travelling light and taking hand luggage only. PLUS another bag like a small hold all. Fortunately, another of Denise's friends was coming with us and like me, she had managed to contain her scrapping possessions into a small paper carrier bag. Naturally we took the mickey out of Denise - until we arrived at the hall. EVERYONE else was carrying bags similar to Denise's. We were the only ones who could store our equipment in something smaller than a small suitcase. Spot the 'newbies'!

But, despite feeling woefully inadequate in the equipment department, we had a great day and the time just flew by. I managed to complete both the layouts Sue had designed for us and here is the proof:

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Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I think you would like the other class - in the throes of checking out the introduction prompt - can't access the msg board at the moment but Shimelle's on the case x