Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday crop

The crop at Welwyn Garden City today was really good and I loved the colours of the papers that we had to work with. I especially like the red and white page that we did and I was pleased that I had taken a photo of my daughter that I had taken just before she went out on Saturday night. It was lucky that she was wearing a plain black dress so it fitted in nicely with the theme of the papers.

For the other page I found a picture that was taken on her birthday which was also shortly before my son went back to start his 2nd year at university. He is wearing a red t shirt which again fits in with the colours of the page quite nicely.

I always enjoy the crops, it is so good to see other people's work and it is amazing to see how different photos can change the whole look of a page and also how other people interpret ideas. I am learning so much. I come home inspired and keen to start on my own ideas for pages. So in theory, this week I should be doing a bit more scrapbooking to go with the blogging. Watch this space ....


helena said...

LOs are beautiful, lookign forward to the next set

sharyncarlson said...

Thanks for sharing your new LOs. I love the strips of paper and torn edges on the LO with your son and daughter. Great work!