Thursday 4 February 2010


Ok, it didn't take much to guess that my three clues added up to the Strictly Come Dancing Tour.
I'm not normally a fan of ballroom dancing, and I certainly can't do it myself but I just love this programme. I prefer the up tempo dances to the waltzes but have to admire the beauty of it all and love to see how the celebrities improve from week to week. The highlight of the whole Strictly seasons has to be John Sargeant dragging his poor partner like a sack of potatoes in the Paso Doble. Makes me laugh out loud whenever I see a clip of it! What he lacked in style he made up for in enthusiasm!

My tickets were part of my Christmas present and whilst my husband doesn't share my love of SCD, he is bravely coming with me. I suspect that in return I may have to accompany him to a concert of some obscure guitarist later in the year!
It's my first visit to the O2 arena too so watch out for some photos and a layout in the very near future.


Sian said...

Strictly is a big favourite in our house too; so I'll be looking out for a full report on the live show :)

Rachel Brett said...

Ooh how exciting, I love this show!