Sunday 21 March 2010

2 for the price of 1

No, before you ask, I still haven't done the last Shimelle prompt, but before anyone starts 'tutting' and sighing, it isn't because I have been laying around having peeled grapes fed to me whilst lounging on a sofa watching back to back episodes of Grey's Anatomy - I have been to another crop day. So I have not one, but TWO new pages to show you. Nothing to do with the Shimelle class but proof that the Scrapbook juices haven't dried up completely. The theme this month was a masculine one and it was by Michelle Mogford and I have to say I loved doing the pages. Made a nice change to do something a bit 'distressed' and not pretty, pretty. It's not often I get a photo of son and husband together, but whilst waiting for our daughter to finish getting ready for the annual Christmas Day family portrait, I took a picture of the two men of the household.

The second layout needed one large photo and 3 smaller that all went together, hmmm not so simple as the men in my family are loathe to pose for me at the best of times, the chances of taking 4 pictures in a row are practically nil. However, good old Facebook came to the rescue. I sneaked into my son's profile page and lifted a few pictures that he and his girlfriend took in the snow earlier this year.

Funny how he doesn't mind messing about in front of a camera for other people eh?!

Must be going, I have a Shimelle page to make ;-)


Denise said...

It sure must be something in the air and I am very pleased you are going off to do some more now,oh and er I did mention the third layout quickly but did mention I haven't finished it yet!! :-)))xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the colors in these! I do love masculine stuff, too.

humel said...

Great pages :-) And how sneaky of you, lifting pics from Facebook! Almost as bad as sneaking photos of your kids while they sleep... ;-)

Rachel Brett said...

I like the masculine colours too, great pages Deb.

I also am guilty of facebook pic pinching - I have a couple off of my sisters profile which I love :)

scrappyjacky said...

Love the colours in these masculine pages.
Yep...they're definately happy to pose for their mates!!

Sian said...

Sneaky! I would love to take a class with Michelle and learn some of her grungey secrets. Your layouts look fantastic.