Thursday 1 December 2011


I'm sure the mathematicians among us will love the sequence of numbers in today's date!  And so December begins, dark and drizzly in my part of the world but the countdown to Christmas officially starts now.  
Advent calendars already have their first door open and when I walked past the Heads of Years office this afternoon, there was an eerie glow coming through the glass of the door.  The door was slightly ajar and I peeked in and saw the equivalent of Santa's grotto in there.  Each of the 5 desks had sparkly lights around them, a Christmas tree was resplendent in the centre of the room and I think I spied an open selection box of chocolates!
So with Journal Your Christmas in mind 


Alison said...

I have started to drag the Christmas decorations's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

I love December....but decorations don't come out til the middle of the month.

Amy said...

I know, another number for Mel to salivate over!

Our decorations won't come out until the children finish the term ... the 20th! I'm the sort to have a short and sweet decorating season ... it's hard with little ones if it continues out over the month!

Beverly said...

Since the calendar has turned to December I am now in Christmas mode although it'll be a slow decorating strecthing over maybe a week. Great manifesto for JYC.

Sian said...

It does sound very magical!