Monday, 19 December 2011

Can I ask your opinion?

Having been into town this morning and having a beautiful Shellac manicure, should I be using my pampered hands to do this
 or this
And remember, the continuation of our friendship may depend on the answer you give ;-)
Have you ever had a Shellac manicure?  They are amazing.  Practically guaranteed to last at least 2 weeks, and I have found that mine last about a month.  They are so durable.  I'm not one for spending much time in beauty salons but this is my one luxury.  
So as it would appear that Christmas really is less than a week away, I have been busy in the kitchen this morning.  Now have mince pies and sausage rolls all cooked and in the freezer and there is a Victoria Sandwich cake cooking at the moment that will be joining them very soon.  I've been into town and stocked up on some amazing bread that they bake in our branch of M&S.  It is a 'cob' loaf, that nice crusty circular shape and has red Leicester cheese in it.  I bought three; two to freeze and one to have with some homemade butternut squash soup that I made this morning too.  Yes, I have been busy!  
Tomorrow I intend to make my cake.  We're not into traditional Christmas cake here, it's only my husband that likes it, and that's a lot of cake for one person to eat!  So I will be making a whisky cake and putting a bit of icing at it on Christmas eve.  Although it's still a fruit cake it's nowhere near as 'heavy' as the traditional recipe and doesn't need to be made well in advance.  Plus I need to make my sticky toffee pudding as the alternative dessert for Christmas day.  There's a fair few of us that aren't really lovers of dense fruity food and sticky toffee pudding is a perfect lighter option.  
How is everyone else getting on with their preparations?


Alison said...

I reckon you should borrow Johnny Depp from Sian, to save your lovely manicure!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

You should definately not be risking your nails.....delegating to Johnny Depp sounds like a great idea....I'm sure you'd find him useful for all sorts of things!

Maria Ontiveros said...

We got our tree yesterday and started decorating when the power went out! We played cards by lantern light instead. So, need to finish that. Also, just picked up our photo Christmas cards, so need to work on sending those out. Got most Christmas shopping done. So, all in all, feeling good.

Karen said...

No, no, no, no, no - it's my turn for Johnny Depp! I would suggest that you really shouldn't be doing any housework for the duration of the manicure!

Amy said...

I'm awfully delighted that your family considers Sticky Date pudding as the 'lighter' option!

I got my red toes today!

Sian said...

You read my mind! Yesterday TSO and I passed a sign advertising a special offer shellac manicure and I asked her if she thought it would be good. She turned her node up at the idea (give her time , I think), but I think I might go back and investigate!

I've asked Johnny, he says he'll think about it. Tomorrow. Or the next day..

Beverly said...

Is there really any question?! Drink wine, dear! I do my own nails. I've only had a professional manicure 3 times and one time the woman went on and on about how "why was I there?" there wasn't much that needed to be done to them blah blah blah. I finally said "ummm I'm paying you, my husband is getting a massage and I thought I would "waste" my time and money this way"... she wasn't so chatty the rest of the time lol