Saturday 31 December 2011

4x6 Photo Love November (belated)

Dear Shimelle,
When you are designing your very clever multi-photo layouts please bear in mind the challenges you are giving us not only to follow them, but to take photos of them afterwards!

It wasn't until I received the prompt for December that I remembered that I had never actually got round to doing last months.  I distinctly remember thinking 'I don't have eleven photos of the same theme' but obviously that was as far as I got.  Now this is one project that I am absolutely 100% determined that I am going to finish and so I could not let November pass by in a blur of 2 empty page protectors.  So I figured that it was in November 2010 that I went to the Cologne Christmas Markets therefore I am completely entitled to bore you with photos from that which I have shared before.  
Here comes the photography problem.  It is a double page layout with a slim divided page protector sandwiched between the pages.  On a dull and murky day, how do you photograph that.  
You start with the double pages on their own, out of the album.
You then put the divider alongside the first page
You then take about ten photos that you discard before putting the layout in the album and taking a photo of the back of the divider next to the second page.  Does any of this make sense?
Now I need to have a look at how the project will end with the 12 photo December edition.  Has anyone out there managed to complete the whole album before the end of the year?

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Beverly said...

Deb, congrats on your determination on the 4x6 project. I saw Shimelle's design for the 12, have fun! Going back to 11/2010 was brilliant. I can't find your email but check out my post today and see if you are interested in joining in on the Pinspiration posts on some (or all) Tuesdays. Happy New Year!