Saturday 16 June 2012

More ups and downs than a rollercoaster

I'd like to say that life was on a more even keel this week but it wouldn't be true.   Things go from good to bad in the blink of an eye but something that has brought a smile to my face is some happy mail that arrived on my doorstep.

Big thanks to Deb, Ruth and Jackie who knew the way to bring back my smile.  Such kind ladies.  I was so grateful to your kind thoughts and good wishes. 
So, Week 24 - what did I find to photograph there?
Neglected - Seems like the door of the garden shed could do with a little attention ...
Aged - A double whammy here, when did my hands start to show signs of age?  That one sneaked up on me.  The true subject here is my wedding ring.  When we bought it, the jeweller told us that the engraving on it would stay sharp for at least 25 years.  It's been on my finger for almost 31 years now and still aging well.  (Unlike the skin on my hands!)
Antique - can anyone tell me what this is?  It's been in a box of things that we found when clearing out my parents' house and no one seems to know what it is!  It has the words Mister Schutz around the hat band and if you press on the hat, the tongue flips up.  The reverse of it is identical except for having no tongue; when the tongue moves at the front, a small sheet of metal slices down.  It's very old and I would love to know what it is!  Part of me thinks it may be an old cigar cutter or something like that, but it's too small.  Probably less than 2" high and the circular hole is too narrow for a cigar.  Mysterious.
Earthtones - Have you ever noticed that the colours of multi-grain Cheerios are earth tones?
Face - Yes the puppy is still here, and her little face as she jumped up to greet me when I came home from work was perfect for this prompt.
Same but different - I misread this one at first and took a photo of my iphone against my old childhood phone.  Then I read the prompt again and saw that there will be a sequence of pictures with a small toy in various positions around the house.  Penguin was there in the blink of an eye
Same but different 2 - Penguin took advantage of Coco being out on a walk to sneak in her bed with the rest of her toys.  He soon got out again when he heard the front door opening, he still has nightmares about being inside her jaws when she was still a tiny puppy!


Alison said...

What would you do without Penguin?! Your antique sounds very mysterious indeed..lovely happy Mail!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

That antique definately sounds intriguing.....hope you find out what it is.

Beverly said...

Yay for Penguin being readily available but I think the old and new phone pic is a great one to have regardless :) Prayers that next week will be brighter, Deb.

Cheryl said...

Very interesting your antique, and what lovely happy mail x

Amy said...

You have some beautiful Happy Mail Deb!
I dread to think what my hands will be like in a few years, they are very dry at the best of times!

Rhona said...

Happy mail will always bring some sunshine to your day :)
My hands are also showing their age though DH tells me it's because I never remember to put cream on them!
I'd also live to know what your antique is.
Hope the coming week is a better one for you xx

Sian said...

As soon as I saw the prompt I thought of the Penguin! I am thoroughly ashamed of the fact that the card I started for you is still on my desk..definitely thinking about you