Monday 11 June 2012

What a week.

I really don't think that the photos in this week's collage of 365+1 photos show anything about what my week has been like.  Firstly though the good news, an update on my great-nephew - he is home from hospital and just going back for antibiotics as a day patient for another few days.  It will be another 3 or 4 days before the definitive results from the lumbar punch are back but it would seem that it was possibly a virus that led to a form of meningitis.  Such grateful thanks go out to the wonderful staff at our local hospital who took it so seriously, so quickly.  We are quick to criticise our NHS when things go wrong but on this occasion they deserve nothing but the fullest praise.
I have come home from work today to find that my son and his girlfriend have taken over my kitchen to cook an anniversary meal.  4 years together today.   So I have retreated with the dog to the study to do my collage for the last week.  Jennifer over at Jennifer's Jumbles has posted a tutorial on photo editing with Picmonkey and I love trying something new so have used that for this week's collage.
As the Year 10 kids at school would say 'It's well easy to use' and I may be using this instead of Picasa for a while to decide which I prefer.
Frayed - well my nerves were certainly frayed this week but it's easier to photograph a pair of my daughter's cut off jean shorts
Sparkle - when I was 50, my friend gave me this pretty photo album with a bit of glitz on the cover.  I filled it with photos from the trip to Paris that my husband arranged that year as a birthday surprise.
Vintage - a bottle of whisky that we were given for our 30th anniversary
Colourful - I love this red panettone tin that I use for storage in my kitchen
Roadside - a particularly stressful day and I almost forgot to take a picture, so this is the roadside in the dark!
Gate - little Coco has dragged me through this gate on many an occasion this week - she soon learnt her new route for afternoon walkies in our local park
Reaching up - as you can see, Coco is well rehearsed in making herself as tall as possible as soon as someone mentions the word dinner.

Good things that happened today

  • I woke up to an email to tell me I had won money on the lottery.  Only the minimal winnings of £10 but it's so nice to have something good happen
  • J & S are celebrating their 4th anniversary together, having survived 3 years apart while he was at Sheffield university and she was at Manchester, they still seem so happy together.  
  • Baby Jacob continues to improve
  • One of my daughter's friends won tickets to see Usher in concert tonight and has asked her if she wants to go with her.  She has such good friends and they are really rallying round her
  • I only work half day on a Monday


Jennifer Grace said...

Hello Deb, I'm glad some nice things have happened today to help cheer you up, I think you deserved it!

I love your photographs, especially the one of Coco reaching up - so cute and a great take on the prompt.

Thanks for the link-back, I'm happy you've enjoyed trying out PicMonkey! x

Sian said...

It's so good to see you continuing with your photos through everything. I'm delighted to hear that Jacob is improving - wonderful news!

scrappyjacky said...

Great news about glad to hear it.
I read Jennifer's review as well.....and am going to try it out.

dogmatix said...

So glad your nephew is improving :)

Love your collage, particularly the roadside pic x

Cheri said...

I know we all have to take the bad with the good, but I am so happy to hear that you have some good things to celebrate today!

Ginger said...

I really love your photo collage Deb, I especially think the photo of the pooch is cute, and I like your Vintage shot! I might have a bit of that in my house too ;)

Take care, and it's good to hear there are some positives in your day :)

Sandie said...

Thanks for the link for the photo editing tutorial... I'm always pleased to experiment and try something new. Your collage looks good so that inspires me.
So glad Jacob is doing well... what a scare.
I had to smile when I read about the roadside in the dark - I have a few of those photos and have even got out of bed on one or two occasions when I've remembered a 365 photo!

Alison said...

Glad you can still see the good deb..that's so important! Glad things are progressing well with Jacob
Alison xx

Amy said...

I am so glad you have added in those positive aspects to your day - it makes such a difference to see them! I love your walking track, it looks nice and flat and quite sunny!

Beverly said...

I love that you continue to be able to see the wonderful things happening in your world {{{hugs}}} and praises lifted for Jacob!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Just catching up after my hols & sending {{hugs}} as it sounds as if you need them! So sorry things are tough at present but hang in there & time will pass & things will become clearer! Keeping Jacob in thought & prayer too. Am loving this weeks photo's BTW...I myself have 4 weeks of collages to catch up on!! :[