Friday, 8 June 2012

With grateful thanks

I know it is normal for a PS to come at the end of a section but I wrote the following post yesterday and since then I have to say that things have gone from 'not so good' to 'awful'.  So these first few lines may seem disjointed to the rest.  I had originally said that there were no health issues involved in my reasons for struggling at the moment, but last night I learnt that something else has happened just to top this awful week off.  My niece's 3 month old son is in hospital with suspected meningitis.  That word will send chills through any mum's spine and I know that you will understand the worry we have at the moment as we pray that this little man has started treatment in good time and that he will recover from whatever infection his little body is fighting.  Onto the original post:

Why is it that when you are feeling down and someone takes the time to send you a thoughtful message of support, it makes you cry a little more?  It seems that the nicer people are, the more you cry; why does kindness work in that way?  I wish I knew.  But all I can say is that I have been so touched - really, really, touched - by the comments and emails I have received since my last post.
I can't really expand on what the issue is at home as it is not my story to tell, but my belief that everything in life happens for a reason is being tested at this moment in time. Life is sometimes unfair and bad things happen to people who don't deserve it.  I have to cling to the hope that we will all come out of this a little stronger.
I'm pleased that I am sticking with my  365+1 project as it gives me a reason for typing up a post and sharing the lighter part of my days at the moment.
Unfinished - How did that last inch of beer not get drunk?
Tools - PDA, mobile phone and laptop.  The tools my husband needs for the work he does now
Messy - why does my son find it impossible to lift the lid on the washing basket and put his dirty clothes in it rather than leaving them on the floor beside it?  This often results in a 'stand off' where I wait for the pile to grow and then pick it all up and put it on the floor of his bedroom.  This then results in him waiting for me to empty the basket before he fills it back up again in one fell swoop.  Ah, the joys of having boys.
Groceries - a quick trip to Sainsburys
Bargain - Chicken fillet in breadcrumb - 2 packs for £5!
Isolated - 'Come back into the kitchen Coco, so we can lock up and go out'.  'If I sit here on my own and look cute, they'll never be able to resist staying at home with me'.
In the distance - view of the church in the village where I grew up


Amy said...

Oh Deb, what a frightening wait ahead of you all.
Deb, there has been many a day when your witty and wonderful posts have brightened a moment for me, perhaps it is now our time to return that favour.
Keep strong, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, take care. xx

dogmatix said...

My thoughts are with you through this difficult time and especially with your niece and son.

scrappyjacky said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, thinking of you....and sending you and your family positive thoughts.

Beverly said...

I can imagine how terrifying this is for the family. My prayers are with your great nephew and the doctors. I know what you mean about the kindness bringing tears, I seem to always cry in, not ALWAYS but anytime something is heavy on my heart I start crying as we sing :/ hugs and prayers for all that is going on.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I"ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. So scary. . .

Abi said...

Thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time. Hope things get sorted out at home too. I know what you mean about crying. I am exatcly the same. Tends to happen when someone asks if I am ok when I'm really not! I try and say yes whilst blubbering! xxx

Alison said...

I hope there's some improvement with the little one Deb...stay strong!
Alison xx

Jennifer Grace said...

I just read your tweet that he's now home from hospital - great news. Thinking of you and hoping you're doing okay. Xx

Ginger said...

Hoping you will hear some good news soon Deb. Amy is right - I love to visit your blog because I know you will give me a smile.
Take care, thoughts and prayers with you all.