Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My month in numbers - December

So as December disappears over the horizon taking with it the whole of 2013, it's time for the last month in numbers as organised by Julie Kirk
I normally end with the communal count but as it's the end of the year, let's shake it up a bit and do it first. How many Christmas movies is too many Well, apart from watching Love Actually in the weekend before the big day - and let's face it that's almost compulsory in our house - I saw bits of many a Christmas film but no other whole films. This was due to the discovery of a new channel on the TV called Christmas 24. Non stop, back to back Christmas films. All manner of films, and whilst I didn't actually watch a whole one from start to finish but dipped in and out of various films, it did help get into the Christmas spirit while I was catching up on the ironing or wrapping presents. How many it too many?  Probably a late morning and whole afternoon of films you wouldn't otherwise have chosen to watch if you didn't have a basket full of ironing and a pile of presents to wrap.

How many Christmas events did you attend? - well apart from the actual Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I didn't actually go to many events. My husband's birthday is on the 12th so we had a big meal out with friends then, can I count that as a combined celebration? I did wear a dress with sparkles on it and there were lots of Christmas decorations in the restaurant.  Oh, and we did go to friends on Christmas Eve for wine and 'nibbles'. So I'm going to claim that too. But one of the more unusual events was watching the 6th Form Entertainment on the last day of term.  Historically, the Year 13s organise half hour's worth of sketches for the rest of the school to watch.  Typically they do sketches with them doing impressions of the teachers, and this year there was also a 'promotional video' for the school.  The last item is always musical.  Always something that has been a sensation during the year.  Every year they promise that a)it will be suitable for all age groups and b) the boys will not take their clothes off.  {That film 'The Full Monty' has a lot to answer for - that's all I'm saying.}  I kind of had a feeling that they may not have totally understood the rules when the first few bars of 'Blurred Lines' came over the amplifiers.  A girl, strutting her stuff in black and white  striped leggings and a black and white striped jacket took the part of the male singer and behind her were two rows of 17/18 year old boys dressed only in white t shirts and black rugby shorts. You can see where this is going can't you?  Oh yes, at the end we had her singing at the top of her voice and about 25 boys 'twerking' behind her.  Swiftly followed by 25 boys and one girl getting a telling off in the head's office. 

So what can we count for the last month? We could count the number of chocolates I've eaten but it's going to be too embarrassing so we'll pass over that.  Number of sausage rolls? Now you're just trying to make me feel ashamed.  
For those who enjoy a good pattern in dates, my nephew's son was 10 on 11.12.13.  That's a good one to record isn't it? We had five birthday celebrations. Including one on Christmas Day. 232 candles. 
My son drove 375 miles to come home for Christmas and he's just driven 375 miles back. One half of that sentence makes me happy and the other half makes me sad.  Thankfully we have the annual Keyworth Christmas photo to record the visit. 
So that is it for the last month of 2013.  I only joined into this project mid year so I am looking forward to completing the whole 12 month set in 2014. 
Farewell to December and Happy New Year to all!  


Sian said...

A whole Christmas channel? I know someone here who would love that! She hurries home from school in December in the hope that we can fit in a movie before tea.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year..all the best for 2014 from all of us to all of you

scrappyjacky said...

Your school concert sounds infinitely more enjoyable than ours ever were!!!!
Happy New Year to you.

Kirsty.A said...

I posted my last Numbers today as well Happy New Year. Keep on blogging

Ruth said...

A very Happy New Year to you and yours! See you in 2014!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a busy December! And a lovely month in numbers. I think I'll use mine to review my trip to Southern California.

Sinead said...

Hard to believe the year flew by so quickly! That Christmas 24 channel sounds addictive :D Happy new year and looking forward to following along this year again xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I hope if someone else does month-in-numbers posts they won't read this and feel slighted, but I have to tell you that your number posts are my FAVORITES! You always manage to interject the cutest bits that have me smiling and chuckling all the way through.

The "Blurred Lines" kids will be talking about that performance for the rest of their lives. Haha. I can only imagine the horror of the staff as that scene unfolded. ;o)

Julie Kirk said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Deb! That's the second portrait of an *amazingly photogenic* family I've come across - clearly my number-crunching friends have good genes!

Frankly I'm a bit disappointed that *you* didn't take centre stage in the school show. When you said the finale was going to be a musical number ... you got my hopes up. Not sure, in the circumstances if you'd have preferred to be the twerk-er or twerk-ee though ...

As for Christmas24 - it's amazing how bad-but-yet-festively-good some of those films are! I absolutely love the brainlessness of getting cosy and watching bits of lots of them too.

You're on the board now Deb: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

And it's *just lovely* to hear you're continuing on the number train for 2014!

Have an amazing start to a great year ahead.

Julie :-)

alexa said...

You collect some great numbers! and I was very touched by the two halves of your sentence - beautifully expressed :). My, that sounds like some programme at school ... Wishing you lots of,good things in 2014 both to you and that lovely family of yours,