Sunday 1 June 2014

My Month in Numbers - May

May.  You sneaky little month.  In the words of Gloria Gaynor 'Go on now go.  Walk out that door.  Don't turn around now.  You're not welcome anymore ...'.  You waited until we had nicely filled up our diaries with things to do, places to go and people to meet.  You smirked with amusement as you watched us plan and prepare, let us get ourselves organised and just as we were walking across that shiny marble floor in our high heels - you pulled that rug from under our feet.  You watched us wobble and lose our balance and then grinned as we tumbled to the floor.
May - the month where 
8 hours were spent in A&E
24 hours Rachel spent in hospital
48 hours before she should have flown out to Spain
After 7 days she went to see a doctor who quite frankly looked so young I think he may have been on work experience (now am horrified that I have reached the age where policemen and doctors look young.  Dammit)  He said that she was fit to fly out to Portugal 10 days after the op.  I see her recovery as testimony to the many hours of Greys Anatomy that I have watched over the years.  Eat your heart out Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, there's a new medic in town.  However (spoiler alert) not all hospital doctors are as handsome or charming as McDreamy.  Guess you have to live in Seattle for that!
Talking of hotties - 
24 degrees - hottest day of the year so far.  Dinners outside with friends until late in the evening, chilled wine, salads, good times. I even had to put the air conditioning on in my car one day! Summer sandals out of the wardrobe and I accidentally arrived home from town with a new pair too.  There was a sale, they were in my size, I'd been thinking of getting them when they were full price, it was a match made in heaven how could I not bring them home?

May is the month that I am the lucky recipient of the friendship quilt blocks and I've now received 4

The postman is starting to avoid eye contact with me now, as I watch him walk up the front path, I gleefully open the door before he has chance to put anything through the letter box.  I'm not sure what he thinks I'm expecting in the post but I practically snatch anything that arrives in a jiffy bag with a ridiculous grin and an 'oh how exciting' as I quickly slam the door and rip open the packaging.

37 pre-schoolers at my Goddaughter's 4th birthday party.  I only went out to sort out chairs and decorations but ended up staying to help prepare 37 hot dogs in boxes and gallons of apple squash.

And finally - the month I joined Slimming World.  'What's your target to lose?' the lady in charge asked as I jumped on the scales while she worked out BMI values.  And before I could say 'oh just about 7lb would be good' she worked out that 13lb would be perfect.  Watch this space.

So that was my month in numbers - why not pop over to Julie's to see who else is joining in this month?


Sian said...

I like the sound of the bargain sandals :)

Er, I'm hanging my head in shame if that quilt square of mine arrived with all those creases! I thought I was being clever rolling it up..obviously not!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my . . . May did have a bit of disappointment in store for you, didn't it? Hoping June will be much better all 'round.

Julie Kirk said...

I hope your daughter's feeling much brighter now. xx And I love that your TV-watching preparations laid the groundwork for her speedy recovery. I watched an episode of Sherlock for the millionth time [Hyperbole? Moi?] last night ... so what have I laid the ground for there then?

Some bargain sandals made their way home with me last month too. And I've paointed my toe nails so ... it's definitely summer now. Definitely.

As for your postie relations - I saw the Parcel Force man [who delivers supplies for my magazine projects] entirely out of context the other week near my local shops, and he said hello. Like he recognised me!

Anyway ... your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now Deb:

Here's to a bright, happy and healthy June to you and yours.

Julie x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I always love reading your month in numbers, Deb. You crack me up. And I'm also very amused at your idea of warm temps! We have a heat advisory this week and the high today is supposed to be 109f (43c). Ick!

Love the way your Collect collage looks!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better now.
I just bought some sandals on sale as well. Tis the season!

Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter is fully recovered now and able to enjoy any trip that comes up. I like the sound of accidentally coming home with some sandals.

Kimberlee said...

Love this inspiration. We've highlighted your page over at the MSA blog today.