Monday 13 October 2014

Me on Monday - Take Two

Don't you just love blogger? You start a post, you save a post, you edit a post, you save the edits, you open the post again and it's gone.  So, with gritted teeth and a determined smile I bring you Me on Monday - again.

Monday sees two of the family with clean, freshly styled fur. There's me
And there's you know who 

It's really horrible here today, rain, rain and oh look, it's still raining.  How was your weekend? Ours was relaxed. We were out Friday night until 1am and I'm far too old for late nights/early mornings, it took ages to get my act together on Saturday. But then there were hair cuts, shopping trips, Strictly Come Dancing watching, debates about whether or not Donny Osmond has had Botox (probably) and if he either dyes his hair or wears a wig (definitely one, possibly the other), lazy Sunday lunches with prosecco, choosing a design for the next friendship quilt block, making it, realising it was slightly too small and having to make another, and finishing my book. (Until you're mine by Samantha Hayes. Wow! What a page turner!)

Giving a big wave to Sian who had the great idea to share Me on Monday posts. Are you doing one too? Why not? Pah! That's no excuse. Stop what you're doing, take a quick photo, share it on your blog and join in. In the famous words of Take That 'it only takes a minute ...'


Sian said...

Oh,what? You lost your post? Then you get a special Me On Monday Medal for starting in and doing it all over again! I think maybe "yes" on the Botox and now you mention Strictly I realise I was going to write that it was a Homeland new series starting weekend too.

Your hair is fab!

Have a good week

Ruth said...

The new "dos" look lovely on both of you! :)
The Brainy One and also had a brief discussion about whether DO had had work done. I thought yes, until I saw the pre-show clip of him in make-up and thought, maybe not. I suspect that his hair has probably had some sort of chemical assistance!

helena said...

same DO conversation was happening in my house too - perhaps there is a new quiz show in there - identify the work done on this celeb!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

The first thing my husband said when he saw DO was, "That's got to be a wig!"

Anonymous said...

Loving the new do and Shhhh don't tell Denise but DO really got on my nerves on Saturday!

Alison said...

Nice hairdo....both of you! I can't join in on the DO discussion as I didn't see him!
Alison xx