Monday 20 August 2018

Reviving Me on Monday

I'm trying to get my act together to get back into blogging and remembering how I used to join in with a group of bloggers to write 'Me on Monday' posts.  Just a way of checking in and catching up on the past week.  So I'm rewinding time and hope to re-introduce that.  It will also be an incentive to actually add a few self portraits into the mix as if I remember correctly, a Me on Monday post used to always include a photo.

So here we go ... Me on Monday!  

And looking at this I am mighty glad I have a hairdressers appointment coming up tomorrow 💇 haven't had it cut for 10 weeks - good grief, even the dog has her hair fur cut more often than me!

But ignore me photobombing the real star of the photo - the newly painted balustrade.  When our house was built all the wood work was stained dark brown.  We have gradually replaced doors and window frames but the staircase has always been deemed 'too much hard work'.  However, spurred on my our offspring's efforts on the decorating front we finally bought the paint and this weekend my husband sanded down every single spindle and we jointly painted them. I am so pleased we have finally done it - it makes the landing look so much brighter - especially with all the newly painted doors.  Next we have to choose a colour for the walls - watch this space!

You'll note I'm wearing the same old glasses.  I did come home from the opticians last week with some new eye wear but it wasn't a pair of frames.  Seems that the sore eyes I have been noticing are not due to a change in prescription but a patch of dryness in one eye. When I blink, there is a patch which doesn't get lubricated with tears.  So I have an eye mask which I have to heat up in the microwave then lay down with it over my eyes twice a day and then I have to massage my eyelids.  So I saved myself some money {actually quite a lot of money}  but am stuck with these old frames for another year 😎

This weekend was our son's first anniversary - where did that year go?  

I am so pleased that they have moved out of London and returned to this area - I love knowing that they are only half an hour down the road.  I also love the fact that their enthusiasm to decorate their new home has spurred us on to do some jobs that we have been putting off for far too long.  

On the crafting front I have started knitting again! When Leo was born I knitted him two chunky blankets - absolutely plain garter stitch with blocks of random stripes.  So many people asked Rachel where she got them from and she used them so much but of course the new baby won't want a red, white and navy blanket or a bright blue, cream and grey one.  So I've taken delivery of some graphite grey, pale grey and pink wool and have started work.  It's nice to have a project to work on in the evenings while I'm watching TV.  

I realised today that I have something in common with Madonna.  We both had our 60th birthdays this year.  One of us appears to be ageing more than the other.  One of us definitely has more lines and grey hairs.  I wonder why that may be? 😉


alexa said...

Lovely to see you on a Monday! And your landing is looking very smart and bright. I can't imagine how much work painting all those spindles must have been. Always a relief when we do a job which has been niggling for a while. Hoping the eyes settled down - the 'treatment' sounds quite restful ... And it's always lovely to see a happy wedding photo!

Patio Postcards said...

Your spindles look good - a job well done. Sort of good news on the eye front - thankfully the remedy to your dry patch is fairly simple - oh how lovely to be told that medically you need to lay down twice a day ... I think anyone would have a difficult time telling you & Madonna apart.

Congrats to your son & DiL

Maggie said...

Seems like I have something in common with Madonna too and with you as well! You have worked hard on those spindles. Good to see you in the picture too but a second picture with the eye patch on would have been interesting.... said...

So glad you have begun knitting again. Good for you. I so enjoy doing my crafts now that I am retired. Working now on a mosaic I started the month after I left work. Going to finish that thing yet!

Your balustrade looks lovely. So clean and light. I bet that was tough to paint. But totally worth the effort.

How fortunate to have your son and daughter-in-law living 30 minutes away. That would be ideal for me. I just wish I could do something quick with my daughters now and then; a bite of lunch, a walk, a run to Target.

Barbara Eads said...

Love your newly painted railing. I agree, white brightens up everything! I prefer white woodwork too! I'm noticing one thing---how is it you are retired but seem to have LESS time for blogging? Only kidding, I don't know where the time goes either! Glad you're back. I love the "me on Mondays" posts!

Jane said...

I think this is a good idea for all of us who are trying to get back into blogging. I used to enjoy it so much although not so keen on the photo bit!

Ruth said...

The Me on Monday posts were always fun, funny how they faded from view for several of us … It looks as though you've done a great job on the staircase, well done. Are you already wondering how you managed to fit in going to work?