Tuesday 2 October 2018

A Sentence a Day for September

Ah, September.   At the beginning of the month you found me in sunny Southwold - oh how I love that town.  But let's not jump ahead.  What does September mean to me? Well ...

Not only is it one of my favourite Earth Wind and Fire Songs ...


... but the month in which I got married in 1980.  Before you do the maths, yes looking back on it, I was very young!  But back then, we were just the average age, how times change eh?

So, what did September 2018 hold in store for me?


Day 1 Bags out, clothes sorted, all packed and ready to go for our long weekend in Suffolk

Day 2 Drove to Orford, for our first Airbnb adventure - the accommodation was absolutely lovely, stopped off on the way at Waldringfield for a delicious Sunday lunch at the local pub. 

Day 3 Visited Southwold in the morning, coffee and cake on the pier then travelled down the coast a little to Aldeburgh for the compulsory fish and chips out of a bag sitting by the sea wall.

Day 4 A leisurely journey back home stopping at Woodbridge on the way - all in all, our first weekend away with Coco was a great success, now where should we go next?

Day 5 The lady who owned the studio in which we stayed had left delicious homemade cake for us and inspired by this I checked out her blog when I got home and found a recipe for lemon and poppyseed cake - next thing you know - tah dah!!!

Day 6 Our 38th wedding anniversary - wow that sounds a long time ago, who am I kidding is WAS a long time ago!

Day 7 After a day of doing a few diy jobs over at our daughter's house {helping prepare for Leo moving into his big boy bedroom} we had friends over in the evening which was the perfect excuse to crack open my 'souvenir' from our weekend away.

Absolutely delicious served with ice, lime, fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint

Day 8 A day of tidying up the study which had become a bit neglected (my husband cannot be trusted to keep on top of filing paperwork, that in tray was overflowing - not any more!)

Day 9 A traditional roast lamb for dinner followed by apple pie kind of day; added to two dog walks and a lot of knitting.  

Day 10 Over-enthusiasm resulted in a secateur related accident in the garden which curtailed my front garden pruning ... for today - in the words of Arnie "I'll be back"

Day 11 A meal out with friends I used to work with about 8 years ago, how time flies when you have lots of news to catch up on {healthy eating intentions went out the window when I found myself ordering the cinnamon dusted mini doughnuts with warm chocolate and salted caramel dipping sauces 🍩}

Day 12 The follow up optician appointment shows that the patch of 'dry eye' that I had has gone - that warm eye pad must have worked a treat.

Day 13 The gardener has arrived to dig up our front lawn to replace it with new turf - we had a very excited young grandson come to inspect the digger.

Day 14 Front garden all re-turfed and looking tidy again - now let's try and keep it that way!

Day 15 Went out for a Tapas lunch - so delicious 

Day 16 Family here for Sunday lunch, love having everyone here for dinner even if it does mean a lot of cooking.

Day 17 Decorating at my daughter's house - even though I was working on my own I managed to get the whole nursery done.

Day 18 Despite having had a full body work out yesterday I still managed to get to my Zumba class and survived the whole hour.

Day 19 A productive day sorting and tidying around the house, not the most exciting way to spend a day but it felt good to have those jobs we've been putting off all done and dusted.

Day 20 Our day for having our grandson - he loves collecting conkers when we go out for a dog walk so if the 'old wives tale' that they deter spiders is true, we will be a spider free zone for the rest of the winter! 

Day 21 Fitted wooden blinds to our bedroom window - it's a bay window and it's 2 metres wide so definitely a two 'man' job - followed by a fab meal out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Day 22 Our daughter has been diagnosed with Cholestasis caused by the pregnancy and will need 3 hospital visits a week from now on to monitor the baby and have extra blood tests; a hospital visit this morning confirmed that the baby will be delivered early at 37 weeks so our new grand baby will be here sooner than we expected.

Day 23 Four generations round the dinner table today with ages ranging from 91 👵 to 2 👶

Day 24 A sunny day trip to Cambridge today; it's my favourite place, I love the history and atmosphere of the town.

Day 25 Woke up with a very bruised ankle after stubbing my toe on the stair gate yesterday (not sure how a toe injury can show damage on your ankle!) but still managed to do an hour of Zumba class.

Day 26 Went 'scrumping' for apples and blackberries on our dog walk today

Day 27 Our day for having Leo here - his favourite game at the moment is either 'chase' - where he wants you to run around after him - and hide and seek, where he sits under a quilt in the lounge and waits for you to realise where he is!

Day 28 We had Leo here again in the afternoon while his mummy went to the hospital for blood tests and monitoring so we decided to go and feed the ducks 

(The heron didn't stay too long - an over excited dog and a small boy shouting 'feed duckies' seemed to scare him off)

Day 29 Got cracking on a blanket for the new baby - plush fabric is so soft and lovely to work on

Day 30 Popped over to our son's house in the evening - turns out they have just signed up for gym membership so he's trying to convince my husband that he needs to join him on the squash courts once a week!

Thanks to Leslie for introducing me to this fun monthly project!  Why not join in as well next month?


Patio Postcards said...

You had a very busy month - how's that ankle now? Congratulations on 38yrs of marriage, well done you two.

Ruth said...

What a busy month! Happy belated anniversary! I do hope that nasty looking bruise has gone, brave girl still going to Zumba!

Juhli said...

What a busy and interesting month! Hope all is well with your daughter and the baby.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Very much enjoyed reading about your month. The cake and gin drink looked delicious! As for conkers, I mention them in my post -we did find they deterred the spiders so we're doing it again this year.

And regarding the song "September" - I was listening to Marian Keyes on Desert Island Discs and she said that after her long period of depression, she suddenly came out of it and was so joyful (plus it was the end of August) that she put that record on and danced around the living room with her husband.

alexa said...

What a lot you have fitted in, despite the injury! And you painted a whole nursery as well, in a day? Wow! Hoping your daughter continues to be in good health ... And congratulations on that wedding anniversary :).

onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said...

I so enjoy your month reviews. Hope your foot/ankle are well mended by this time. Cannot believe you did Zumba on that bruise!

Will we be provided a tour of the nursery you put together? Cannot believe how quickly (for me) your daughter's pregnancy has gone by! Big brother is going to be THE BEST. How did he adjust to his move into a big boy bed? Lucia is making the transition, too, in hopes that a little brother or sister will be in the near future for their family.

Love reading about conkers. I think we have something similar here but not sure what tree they are from. And here being the U.S. Few trees in El Paso!

Your bread looks divine and your tapas delicious. And all of your photography is really lovely, Debs!