Monday 29 April 2019

Me on Monday

This Monday ...

... I am happy to report that we had a certain young lady joining us for Sunday lunch.  That same certain young lady who scared us all to pieces just one short week ago.

She has her next set of blood tests on Tuesday so we are all crossing fingers that they are ok.

I spent a lot of Sunday checking this route on the computer

Checking the progress of a couple of people I know who were running in the London Marathon.  One of them was the lady who is the head of the Drama faculty at the school where I used to work.  She has never run in a race before, has three young sons aged between 6 and 1, has only just returned from maternity leave to take up her full time teaching role and who did not particularly enjoy sport.  How did she find the time or energy to do all the training?  Her inspiration to run was to raise money for a charity that supported one of her students who died in 2018 aged just 16.   (You can read the full story here.)  It took her a long time but she was absolutely determined to finish and she did so well. However I suspect she may never want to wear a pair of trainers or go for a jog again! When my ex boss ran the marathon last year she lost 7 of her 10 toenails 😱 

So what does this week hold?  Well, that young lady in the top photo is coming round for the afternoon on Tuesday while her mummy has some well deserved pampering time.  Don't tell her brother, he'll be very miffed to find that Rosie's been round nanny's house without him!

Thursday we have voting in our local elections - which is very inconvenient as they use the hall where I do Zumba as a polling station so no exercise mid week for me.  Which is why I fully intent to hit the yoga mat again later today.  Which is why I should stop typing this and jump in the shower, class starts in 45 mins!


Ruth said...

I'm happy to see Rosie looking well and fingers crossed for positive results later this week.

Patio Postcards said...

Rosie does look well, fingers crossed for all positive in blood tests later this week. Rosie's Mom does well to look after herself ... Happy Week.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I bet that little lady's visits are just so precious. Sending big hugs!!