Monday 16 December 2019

Hot dogs and perfectly imperfect photos

"'twas the day before Sunday
and all through the house ..."

A certain dog was stealing all the best places to sit

Morning sun in the conservatory

Followed by evening warmth by the fire

I had noticed, while tidying up the lounge, that little toddler fingers had been playing with the 'coals' in the fireplace and they were all bunched up at the bottom.  So I rearranged them back to how they should be, turned on the fire to make sure the flames were burning properly and suddenly I was aware of a little furry body gradually pushing me out of the way so she could have all the warmth.  I'm not sure who's in charge in our house, Coco or us?  Who am I kidding, she's totally the one in charge!

The Saturday tidy up was so we could relax and enjoy having all the family over on Sunday for a late celebration of Paul's birthday.  As you know, I take a photo a day to merge into the 1 Second Every Day monthly video.  I didn't think about it before we started eating so you will have to excuse the slightly eaten plates of lasagne!  I took this photo

and then Rachel said 'Mum, you aren't in it, let's see if we can get everyone in a selfie

And we kind of did!  All children are looking in the wrong direction, Leo has reached the age of pulling a face the minute he thinks someone is taking a photo and there is no way it would be considered the perfect photo.  But it is to me.  Because it shows us all together, and that is how I consider a perfect Sunday to be.


Patio Postcards said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, with your family. Great photo.

alexa said...

I don't think it's ever possible to get a family group all smiling and looking the same way - it must be someone's law :). You've done very well here. Glad there are cosy things in your days as well as the Christmas busyness.

Ruth said...

Haha, we never, ever get a family photo with everyone looking the same way ... I give you the family photo from the Luxembourg wedding as evidence!

Your photos might not be perfect, but they're still pretty fab!

Cheri said...

Photos like this are always my favorites! They are totally imperfect, but then so is life!

Susanne said...

Family selfies are always a challenge, but you look like you were all enjoying being there, so it's all good.