Monday 9 December 2019

Not as organised as I thought!

At the beginning of each month I print off the calendar from my phone so that we have a paper copy of what's happening, when and where for the next four weeks.  I have found that this puts an end to any 'I didn't know about that' conversations that sometimes occur (otherwise known as 'I knew you weren't listening to me when I told you about that' conversations 😉)

December is one month in particular where there is a lot going on and shopping trips and days out need to be planned well in advance so we can work around the day we look after Leo and Rosie and the day where I pick up Leo from nursery and drop him at the childminders.  I had a busy week in the diary this week - and then all plans had to change.  The childminder was in hospital, Rachel and James have no annual holiday leave left so guess what?  Three days of childminding and hastily rescheduled shopping trips!  That'll teach me to think I know what's happening well in advance - when will I learn?  

Christmas festivities have started for everyone.  

Rosie and I had a Christmas jumper themed Baby Sensory session

Paul met up in London with a bunch of ex work colleagues, I went out for dinner with three girls I used to work with (we all turned up in sparkly outfits; the waitress said we were the smartest people in the restaurant, and you know what?  I think we were!). Paul went up to London with our son to visit the William Blake exhibition at the Tate Britain and when he got home it was a quick shower and change of clothes for another meal out  on Saturday night with four other couples.  Tree decorating always happens on the Sunday closest to Paul's birthday so that was Sunday taken care of.

Dare I think I know what is happening this week?  Will the childminder be given the ok to go back to childminding duties after her check up on Tuesday?  All I can say is I am taking one day at a time and building in lots of wriggle room room for last minute changes.  Meeting up for drinks with some more ex work colleagues at the local pub on Monday evening, party themed last ever baby sensory for Rosie on Tuesday, Wednesday is ominously clear, Paul's birthday is on Thursday, which is also the day of the General Election.  Results will be in on Friday the 13th.  Is that significant I wonder?!!!

Also on Friday it is Leo's first nativity play.  It looks like his daddy is going to miss it as he has to be in Manchester on business on Thursday and is staying up there overnight and it's looking like he won't be back in time.  So 'someone' is going to have to use that second ticket aren't they?  I mean, Rachel will need someone there to keep an eye on Rosie and distract her if she starts playing up, so I suppose I may have to go.  Which will mean I'll be the emotional wreck trying to hold back the tears.  There's something about the sight and sound of tiny children dressed up as shepherds and angels singing Silent Night that gets me every time.  Leo has been practising his carols very seriously and I love the fact that they have all been taught (yes, even the three year olds) to sing 'We wish you a merry Christmas' whilst doing the verses in sign language.  Must remember to take tissues with me.


alexa said...

What a wonderful support to your family you are :). It sounds as if you really enjoy it too, even though it can be a bit 'full-on' sometimes. You look very sweet together in your matching jumpers. And yes, tissues will absolutely be needed! said...

We have similar issues here. This week I feel terrible because Lauren needs me to help with Cia on Thursday, which is the only day of the week I have an appointment - at the exact time she needs me! Ugh. But I have had the appointment for months and worry about changing it. And Lauren was very gracious and said they would figure things out, and never asked me to try to change my date. I just feel bad!!

I put things into my agenda and then forget to look at it. Which is what happened with this appointment. I kept thinking, 'hmmm, 12.12...seems like there's something going on that day.' But failed to check my agenda to be sure.

Would like to have seen a photo of you and your sparkly smart friends. I bet you were the belles of the 'ball.' Hope the child minder is back to normal and your schedule is, too. Cannot believe how big Rosie has grown. You girls look adorable.

Patio Postcards said...

You are one very busy Nan. You & Rosy look so cute in your Christmas themed outfits. At our Christmas concert this past Sunday, the little kids (violins, cellos) joined the orchestra on stage. The youngest was 5 years old & he played his violin so well & with real passion. I too get teary watching the little ones play, sing, dance ...

Ruth said...

What a wonderful support you are to your nearest and dearest - and what a full timetable! I'm hope you find the time in between it all to pause, take a breath and enjoy it all!