Wednesday 31 August 2022

A sentence a day in August

August really did make itself a record breaker - first a heatwave and then the deluge of rain.  Let's see how the month unfolded. 

Day 1 Caught up on some housework, did some crochet, and made the most of a free day

Day 2 Leo and Rosie here in the afternoon, went to the shops to look at samples for flooring in our conservatory

Day 3 Max here for the day, Paul was doing his volunteer work so it was just the two of us

Day 4 No Zumba - went into town to sort out birthday presents for Leo and Rachel

Day 5 Finished crocheting my blanket - now I 'just' have to weave in the ends

Day 6 Went into town in the morning to collect some things I had ordered from John Lewis, a nice relaxing day, reading in the garden and finishing off those dreaded ends of wool.

Day 7 Zumba summer party was so much fun!  We danced all afternoon!

Day 8 Went to Chelmsford to buy some birthday presents for Leo and Rosie plus a basket to store my collection of blankets in the lounge

Day 9 Leo and Rosie here today, we had a busy day making some birdhouses that I bought in a kit yesterday - messy?  yes?  Did they enjoy it?  Definitely!

Day 10 Max here for the day - we had a lovely day even though it was so hot in the garden we had to stay indoors for most of the day.

Day 11 Emergency childminding today as R's childminder had to take her husband to A&E, Paul manned the fort while I popped out for an hour or so in the afternoon for a hair cut.  The only crafty activity I could think of doing to keep them occupied at short notice today was decorating gingerbread men

Day 12 We are officially in drought conditions, can't even remember when it last rained!  Dinner with friends where they cooked us their signature dish - paella.

Day 13 The hot weather is really sapping my energy, I never thought I'd hear myself saying this but we really do need some rain!

Day 14 Another day of doing not much at all, apparently this heatwave is on its way out now - thank goodness!

Day 15 The temperature has definitely dropped today, went to Hobbycraft in search of craft projects to do with the grandchildren over the next 3 weeks.

Day 16 Leo & Rosie were here - made some monsters with them from the Hobbycraft kits

Day 17 We finally got our rain!  I've never been more happy to hear raindrops on the roof of the conservatory, Max was here and I don't think he could understand why we were just standing at the window watching the rain!

Day 18 Zumba was good, but today a piece of my tooth fell off (while eating some chocolate, that should be a message to me about healthy eating!)

Day 19 Had emergency dental appointment, the piece of tooth was very slim and at the top of the tooth so there is not enough base to put a filling onto apparently, all they can do is smooth down the rough edge.  Leo had an early birthday party at the local bowling alley - he had such a fun time!

Day 20 A mega babysitting day/evening - Max and Olive here in the daytime while J&S celebrated their anniversary and went to look after Leo and Rosie in the evening while R&J went out to celebrate R's birthday which is on Wednesday.

Day 21 A well deserved day at home with nothing to do except cook Sunday lunch for just the two of us, read my book and bake a cake

Day 22 A Monday to myself - went into town, wrapped birthday presents for Rachel, caught up with my ironing while watching the last episodes of Greys Anatomy

Day 23 Leo & Rosie here for the day, had a busy crafty morning making pop up dinosaurs and princesses and an afternoon spent repurposing an big old box into several imaginative games.

Day 24 Max here today, it was also R's 36th birthday

Day 25 Had the most horrendous thunderstorm in the early hours of the morning and although the rain stopped before I went to Zumba, it was SO humid, boy did I need a shower afterwards

Day 26 Lunch at Franco Manca Pizza with friends, was so nice sitting out in the courtyard in the sunshine with a lovely chilled glass of wine 

Day 27 Paul was out for most of the day with his art class which meant I had a lovely day to myself with the only chore being baking a dessert for tomorrow night

Day 28 Had friends over for dinner in the evening which meant a daytime of tidying and cleaning before they arrived!

Day 29 Leo's 6th birthday - popped round in the afternoon for cake - he was very excited with all his new presents

Day 30 Our last summer holiday day of having Leo and Rosie here all day

Day 31 Our last childminding day with Max, so many changes going on, time to put the older toys away and get the baby ones out again ready for Olive next week!

Another month over and done - here's the recap, 1 Second Everyday


Patio Postcards said...

A very busy month, especially with child minding. I like the monsters created from kits, you are definitely a fun Grandmother. Glad that the broken tooth didn't require too much dentist time for you. On to September's chapter of adventure.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

It's wonderful how you create crafty projects with your grandchildren. So much more valuable than plonking them in front of the TV or an ipad!

Barbara Eads said...

Your monthly re-caps would be perfect for a scrapbook page. In fact, I'm thinking I'm going to try it and make an entire album starting in January, 2023--throwing in a few photos as you have. Sounds like a great idea and a wonderful way to get a peek or our life for a year. Yes, I'm doing it!

Ruth said...

I do enjoy these monthly recaps, as I am always amazed at how much you fit in to a month!

Joanne said...

We had drought like conditions for most of August as well with most of the ponds and rivers drying up too. We are finally getting some rain and now have flood watches in effect. I'm trying not to mind too much as I know we really need the rain and they're only talking about small road flooding. It sounds like you are really fun when you're childminding with all the crafts and projects.