Friday 5 August 2022

Let's sit and have a cup of tea

 Well it's been a while since I invited you round for a cup of tea - or coffee if you would prefer - September 2014 to be exact.  We have a lot of catching up to do!  

Excuse me while I get Coco a dog biscuit while we wait for the kettle to boil, she seems to think that doing her ‘halt, who goes there?’ barking when someone comes to the front door deserves a treat every time.  I wonder if this resolves the mystery of why the numbers on the scales at the vets are going up a little bit every time we go?  

You've caught me on a tidy day.  If you were to come round on a Tuesday or Wednesday it would be a different thing altogether.  We have so many toys here that people would think I ran a creche.  I shall be packing some of them away soon.  Our routine is in for a major overhaul in September as they all move up a year in school and nursery. So my Tuesday duties will only be for a couple of hours after school ends and instead of Max on a Wednesday we will be having his little sister for the day as our daughter in law's year of maternity leave will be over.  Time to get out that box of baby toys again!  Oh, and how lovely to be looking after a little girl who still naps twice a day - quite different to an energetic three year old.

That wooly pile on the armchair?  

That's the blanket crochet-a-long I started.  Yes, it was a 6 week project and yes, it is now 10 weeks since it started it, that initial enthusiasm waned a little, then I had a holiday, then the weather turned hot ... does that sound like convincing excuses?  I've been working on it while binge watching the new season of Virgin River.  Do you watch that?  It's nice easy watching and I've come to really like all (or most of) the characters.  I have only one more row of edging to do and then 'all' I have to do is weave in the loose edges (the worst part of any wooly project!) then I will be sharing the completed project.  I have to get it finished as I shall be using it for prompt 20 of the Summertime Photo Hunt.  Nothing like a deadline to spur you on to finish!

I'm looking forward to an evening out tonight with ex-work colleagues; we used to all work in the same office. Now I am retired, one works at Cambridge university overseeing foreign students, one is a cover supervisor at the school and one is an author.  Quite a motley crew!  If past meals out are anything to go by I can predict that we will probably be the last ones to leave the restaurant as we haven't met up since March and there is lots of catching up to do.  I thought I knew what I was going to wear but then I came across a photo we took when we last met up and that's what I was wearing then - I shall have to go through my wardrobe again or they will think I only own one dress 😆

Did you notice how awful our front garden lawn is looking?  I've never seen it so scorched.  

In the interests of water conservation P has been adamant about not using hosepipes or sprinklers in the garden so our lawn has not looked good for a while.  Strangely though, the lawns of our neighbours who do use hosepipes don't look any better than ours!  I know it will grow green again but it's horrible to see it so brown.  We have two water butts in the back garden and he's been using the water from those to water the pots in order to keep a little bit of colour out there but it's looking very sorry for itself isn't it?  There is not much water left in them now and no rain forecast for the next few weeks so I don't think it will look better the next time you come round either!

Well, that last row of blanket isn't going to crochet itself is it?  I ought to do a few more stitches.  Thank you for joining me for a drink - please come back again next month!


Patio Postcards said...

Thank you, I'll have tea please & yes with milk. I've brought along a lovely lemon blueberry loaf for us to enjoy. Diet, oh not today.

Deb how lovely that you are willing to take on child minding for baby Olive; they are certainly fortunate to have you do this, as are the grandkids. Building those early tight bonds. Oh what a beautiful quilt you are making.

Now I am thankfully that Coco allows the leaving without fuss (lol), I guess her treat biscuit was reward enough ... enjoy your weekend, thanks for tea & I'll see you next month :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my - that was a delightful visit. So funny - I did a similar type post myself today. A chat over coffee:) Although I would thoroughly enjoy some English tea as well. Ah, and maybe a scone. Yum. I just cannot get used to the idea of milk in my tea! (I'm willing to learn though - if ever I can make it to England!) How exciting to have that sweet little girl all to yourself once a week. I'm glad you worked in an afternoon for tea beforehand, though. Even with two naps, I'm sure she will keep your day full! By the way, our yard looks much the same. Sigh. But no complaints about summer! Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Certainly enjoyed the visit!!

Barbara Eads said...

First I have to say, I'm so happy to hear you will have the baby this year. I took care of my grands when they were little and I don't regret it a bit! It went by pretty fast. Now they are all 20 somethings!! Secondly, about your unfinished blanket-- I, too, put down a project and have yet to get back into it. I'm determined this will be the week! I've already missed the deadline for Christmas. It's a needlepoint pillow for my daughter--so it will have to be next Christmas! And lastly, your brown lawn-- that's pretty normal around here in the hot and humid south. We have a sprinkler system, but often we'll not be allowed to use it. So far this year, we've had enough rain to keep it green.

Susanne said...

I have yet to have any little grands, so I envy your babysitting opportunity. How nice that momma got a year of maternity leave. I do wish I had taken a bit longer with both my babies, as that baby stage doesn't last all that long.