Monday 29 August 2022

Me on a Bank Holiday Monday

 Today isn't just special because it's a bank holiday, it's also Leo's sixth birthday!  They have been spending the weekend in a Wigwam here.  I must admit that when they told me they were going to be staying in a wigwam, this is not what I was expecting.  Pretty sure that the wigwams I had in my imagination are not anywhere near as glamorous as these with their en suite showrooms and hot tubs! They are travelling back this morning and I have just been round to their house to set out all his birthday presents for him so he is surprised when he walks in.  We'll pop back later this afternoon and hopefully there will be cake 😋

There was cake yesterday too.  

I made an impromptu offer of dinner to some friends that we hadn't seen for a while.  Then of course had one of those 'whatever shall I make for dinner?' moments.  I had said it would just be a light meal so put together one of my favourite 'put it all in the middle of the table and share' dinners.  A big plate of salad with a delicious ball of burrata in the centre, Italian meats, a selection of cheeses, olives, white anchovies, ricotta stuffed peppers and halloumi skewers.  But what to do for dessert?  As the main had a bit of an Italian theme to it, I remembered a lovely dessert cake that Nigella Lawson made in her Nigellissima recipe book.  It's gluten free as it has ground almonds instead of flour and it is made with olive oil rather than butter or margarine so it is lovely and moist.  Served with fresh raspberries and a dollop of mascarpone - bellissimo!  I sometimes think it is better to make a quick 'come for dinner tomorrow' invitation rather than have a month to wonder/worry about what to cook.

Of course having people over meant that the house had a good clean before they came so we start the week with a sparkling house (downstairs at least!).  Even the garden had a tidy up.  The horrendous thunderstorms of early Thursday morning have made the garden green again which gave us a bit of enthusiasm for mowing the lawn and doing a bit of weeding.

Now, I am just realising that this Friday will be my first Friday of the month to invite you to join me for a chat over a cup of coffee and I need to let you know where to find me as I won't be here!  We are having a few days away so I will still be posting, it just won't be until later in the day as we can't get into our property until 6pm (hopefully we will have wifi!). 

Have a good week and be sure to pop back late on Friday or Saturday when hopefully I will be sharing a cup of coffee in the Cotswolds!


Patio Postcards said...

Your impromptu dinner was indeed bellissimo! What a feast you prepared. Happy Birthday to Leo & what a fun glamping experience for the family. And how fun that you are planning your own getaway. I'll check in with you on Friday ... umm maybe I'll bake for the occasion (col).

Barbara Eads said...

Happy birthday to Max! That wigwam is a clever idea--as is yours to surprise him with birthday gifts when he got home! You dinner sounds lovely! It seems that we mostly have family over for dinner in recent years. I really should invite friends--although we usually meet somewhere for dinner. I like that too!

Ruth said...

Best birthday wishes to Leo! Six!!
I would happily be a dinner guest at your house!

Carol Anne said...

What a lucky guy to have his birthday on a Bank Holiday. I loved your menu plan, too. I love Italian food, but I'm not familiar with some of the dishes you mentioned. Time to go down the All Recipes rabbit hole.

Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful trip!! And happiest birthday wishes to Leo! What fun....and a visit to a Wigwam!! Who knew!?:)

Jennifer said...

PS - anytime you want to invite me to dinner - I'm in! Just give me about 9 hours notice:)