Monday 3 October 2022

Me on Monday

 This Monday finds me moving summer t shirts to the back of the drawer and wearing thicker clothing because October has arrived, and with it has come lower temperatures.  The heating went on (just for an hour, three times a day) on Wednesday last week even though I was trying to hold on until the weekend.  We had Olive here for the day and it just seemed a bit chilly for her - my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

This Monday also finds me feeling anxious for my friend who lives in Bokeelia, a town on Pine Island, Florida.  I'm sure you have seen on the news that Hurricane Ian hit the west coast of Florida at the end of last week.  So often I've seen news reports like that and wondered how on earth communities rebuild in the aftermath, but this time it feels more personal.  My friend evacuated to an area inland so thankfully is safe and well.  But she lived on Pine Island which is/was connected to the mainland by one long road - that road has now gone.  You can see the damage here.

She has been told by a neighbour who did not evacuate that her house structure is safe, roof intact and no broken windows which is a huge relief.  But until they can get over to the island there is no way of knowing what water damage there may be inside.  They are hoping to be able to get over by boat to assess the situation but as you can imagine, that is not easy to arrange.  Even so, who knows how long it will be before that road linking them to the mainland will be rebuilt?  How long before the community can start to clear the debris?  There is still no safe running water over there and electricity supply is restricted.  I can't imagine how long it will be before they can return long term, or what they will do in the meantime.  So sad. 

Doesn't it make you realise how much of normal life we take for granted?  While all that is going on across the ocean, our plans for the week are thankfully normal.  Usual childcare duties, a trip to a toy shop to find a birthday present for Olive (how can it possibly be time for her to have her 1st birthday?) A hair cut, Zumba, a surprise 70th birthday dinner (yes we did manage to keep the secret last week!) and a family get together on Sunday with my sister and cousin.  With Rosie's ballet cardigan finished (and thankfully fitting beautifully!) I have picked up my crochet hook again and am resuming the work on my Christmas blanket. It's lovely to have a project that you can put down and pick up again.  

Do you have a busy week planned?  What is your autumn routine looking like?


Susanne said...

I cannot imagine what those people in Florida are suffering through. I hope your friend copes as best as can be expected in the circumstances.

My autumn is shaping up to be very non-routine. The summer flew by so fast as we were busy, so we are hoping the autumn is a bit more restful.

Patio Postcards said...

Mother Nature's ability to destroy so quickly is a very scary thing. It seems that Florida just recovers from one hurricane when the next one arrives. Our east coast provinces suffered catastrophic damage from hurricane Fiona's temper. I am sure Rosie has a ballet cardigan that is the envy of the other dancers.

For us the week ahead is busy with all the Thanksgiving prep needed for the 10th's big day, which includes Autumn decorating, pie making & finding suitable small pumpkins for floral arrangements - it's my favourite time :)

Ruth said...

I'm glad to know that your friend is safe, but she must be so worried for her home. Hurricane Ian has been devastating.

We have also had our heating on for an hour or two here and there this last week, and I don't have the excuse of a visiting small person. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad your friend is safe. Will pray all is well at home. I'm sure it is frustrating not to be able to get back to the island but how wise of her to evacuate. So many refuse to do so. And, I too, have been thinking about so many of the simple "normal life" things that we can quickly take for granted. Quite sobering. Enjoy your week ahead!!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I hope your friend is soon able to return home. Disasters seem to make us stronger - people always band together, offers of help, so much kindness. While we don't have hurricanes here there have been severe cases of flooding. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen this winter.

Barbara Eads said...

I have a friend whose vacation home in Florida was destroyed by a hurricane 4 years ago. It still has not been rebuilt as the fighting of the insurance companies continue--was it wind damage or water damage?? You buy insurance to protect yourself and then you can't get anywhere. What a mess!