Monday 31 October 2022

Me on Monday


The service around here is terrible, goodness knows how long this guy has been waiting for his dinner!

When we went to my cousin's a couple of weeks ago she had a halloween theme to the day.  It wasn't until we went to sit down at the table that we all noticed there was an extra guest!

So, the last day of October!  I have a few sweets ready in case we have any trick or treaters but we haven't had any visits for the last couple of years, all the children around us have grown up now but I still like to have something ready in case someone turns up.  Fortunately they are sweets that I like so they won't go to waste 😉

This Monday finds me having lunch out with friends that I used to work with which will be lovely.  Handy too as P is out this evening with our son, they are going to Cambridge to see a band they both like and it has been suggested (by our son) that it might be nice to have something to eat together before the concert.  I wonder who will end up paying ... 

A busy week is on the cards, I'm slightly worried about people nearby letting off early Bonfire Night fireworks.  Coco was terrified last year and now we know she has a slight heart murmur I want to keep her as calm as we can.  The vet has given us something to help with the anxiety - I hope it works as I know that there will definitely be fireworks on November 5th.  We are deliberately not planning to leave her on her own at all over the weekend.

Oh goodness. November 5th.  That's also the date of the wedding of our daughter in law's sister and we have been drafted in to collect Max and Olive from the venue just before the grown ups sit down for dinner and bring them back here to stay overnight.  Wish us luck!  Olive has never stayed anywhere overnight without her mum and dad before, I'm hoping she doesn't wake in the early hours wanting her mum!

The week should have ended with me having my Covid booster.  However, after lunch on Sunday I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw that there was a walk in clinic at a local community centre.  Someone had commented that there was only a short wait so instead of sitting down and having an after dinner coffee, I got in the car and went to see what the situation was.  Five minutes after arriving, I had been jabbed and walking back to the car - what a great service.  So that's me, done and dusted for a while! It feels as if we've had more vaccinations in the last year than in the last ten years - but how lucky we are to have had the covid vaccinations available so soon and so easily. 

The clocks went back yesterday and that will mean darker evenings from now on, a true sign that we are getting ready to move from autumn to winter.  With that in mind, I feel like I should be starting to make one of my many pre-Christmas lists and maybe even buy some cards!  Have you started any Christmas preparations yet?  We have our Zumba Christmas party at the very beginning of December and she has suggested a combined Christmas/Chinese New Year theme - yes I thought it was a bit odd too!  Any ideas for what I can wear that fits the Chinese theme without buying something I will never wear again?  I have sent away for a Chinese fan from Ebay so I feel that whatever I wear, I do have a slight nod to the theme!  Any ideas very welcome!


Patio Postcards said...

I laughed at your comment about the Halloween goodies - I did the complete opposite (lol). I like your friend's Halloween candlelabra.

I wonder if a trial run of an overnight sleep with Olive would be a good idea, I know so little time between the actual date. Hopefully Coco will be fine on the Bonfire weekend. I had read that one of the BBC's radio stations played a specific smoothing kind of music/white noise to help animals with anxiety about fireworks. Absolutely no idea how to combine Christmas & Chinese New Year - it shall interesting to see how others deal with it. What's the Chinese Zodiac animal for the coming year? Maybe use that as a starting point.

Ruth said...

I hear you re fireworks and dogs! We have had a lot for Diwali recently and Tilly was absolutely demented! Mind you, at times it did sound like a barrage!

I should think that Olive and Max will be so over tired after their wedding antics, they will sleep right through the night and maybe even have a lie in! she says confidentially ...

Susanne said...

Yep, somebody should feed that poor guy! Yay on getting the booster so easily.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

The extra guest at the table is so funny!
I had a lot of sweets ready, based on last year's experience, but because of the heavy rain, we only had 3 visits. Lots of sweets left.
Good luck with Olive as an overnight guest, we haven't had "our" Olive over yet (she's 6 months) although we go and sit with her for an hour or two to allow Rachel to go to to the hairdressers or whatever.
Molly, 18, is pretty deaf so the fireworks no longer trouble her.