Monday 10 October 2022

Me on Monday

Last week I was concerned for my friend in Florida, and we were all greatly relieved to hear that their house had survived intact, with minor outside damage and no water had come inside.  However, it will be a while before they can return to live there properly.  The road linking them to the mainland has now been rebuilt but life is far from normal there.  There is no electricity and only two hours of water a day.  My friend has managed to get a generator and has returned to start clearing the debris from around the house and repair the damage they had.  Others were not so lucky, they eye of the storm ran through the island and much has been destroyed.  

Meanwhile, this side of the ocean life was much calmer.  I had an appointment at the hairdressers - doesn't it boost your mood having a bit of pampering?  I think the best part of the process is the head massage at the end of the shampooing and conditioning, I could easily go to sleep!

We managed to keep our friend's surprise birthday dinner a secret and had a lovely evening.  Isn't it a treat to have someone else cooking dinner for you?  We were doubly lucky in that respect as we were invited, along with my sister and brother in law, to my cousin's house for Sunday lunch.  Her partner is an excellent cook and through his work has lots of contacts in the catering industry so the meals there are always absolutely restaurant quality.  Healthy eating starts today ;-)

Jon, Max and Olive came here for lunch on Saturday as Sophie was at her sister's hen weekend in Bath.  They seem to have reached an age where there are suddenly a lot of weddings and baby showers!  We had a nice walk in the afternoon with Max scuffing his way through any piles of leaves that he could find and picking up conkers.  I hadn't realised how discerning he was over the shape, size and condition of a conker.  Quite a few were discarded as being 'too yucky'.  Who knew?

 So what does this week hold?  I think I need to dedicate some time to tidying up the garden, maybe putting covers over the outside furniture.  I'm meeting my author friend on Thursday for lunch which I am really looking forward to.  Then an optician appointment on Friday.  Not to mention my regular childcare and Zumba class.  

But let me leave you with a question which is a topic of much debate around here.  Now that autumn has definitely arrived, and daily temperatures have dropped, it seems that most people I know have resorted to turning their heating back on.  But here's the question.  On what temperature do you have your thermostat set?  Paul and I disagree on this matter, with me wanting it turned up higher than him (he is of the 'put a warmer sweater on' frame of mind!) but at the moment we have it set on 18 degrees.  I can assure you that will increase when temperatures drop lower!  In mid winter we normally have it on 20.  Unless P is out for the evening when it may 'accidentally' get put up to 22 😉  


Patio Postcards said...

Last week was busy for you with lots of celebrating going on. You do have a very social group of friends. The coming week also is full of lots of social times. Oh I do like a good head massage & way back before COVID, when massages were part of my routine, the RMT always spent the last 10 minutes giving my noggin a good going over - it was bliss.

Ruth said...

18C is the standard setting for the heating in our house.
Looks as though you had a lovely, busy week.

Barbara Eads said...

I agree with you. Not only is it special to have someone cook for you, the food somehow tastes better! You've got me on the "conkers." I had to look that up. I've never seen a chestnut tree nor have I ever tasted one. All I can liken Max's hunt to--would be acorns around here. If you are collecting them, they must not be yucky!! As for the thermostat, I looked up the conversion. It looks like we would be 22 or 23! We put it much lower at night. But during the day---all of our windows makes it quite drafty.