Monday 7 November 2022

Me on Monday

Just a quick post today as we are off to visit friends in Bury St Edmunds later.  They moved there three years ago after they returned from ten years living in Belgium.  This will be our first chance to pop across and see them because circumstances over the last couple of years have put paid to visits, plus they are also renovating a house in France so they are difficult to pin down when they are back in the UK!

I'm looking forward to a quieter week this week as last week ended up being very busy.  We ended the week with a trip to Cambridge - I really enjoy time spent there.  I love the variety found down every street.  From the old and historic

To the newer and slightly quirky (note the decoration made from old copper saucepans)

To the theatre welcoming in the local city population and s
tudents from the universities there (Town and Gown)

And of course lunch at our favourite Sicilian cafe.  Honestly, the flavours they get into those slices of deliciousness 

Saturday night was the night of the big sleepover.  I picked up the ring bearer and the flower girl from the venue, where Max proudly told me 'I walked down the aisle Nanny, and now I'm married.  To Daddy'. Three of us got a good night's sleep.  I, however, did not!  I was sharing a bed with Olive, who sleeps horizontally across the bed, tosses and turns and at times tries to lay on top of you.  But she stayed asleep all night so I'm counting that as a win!

So this week includes our trip to Bury St Edmunds, a short day of childminding on Wednesday as Max and Olive both have vaccination appointments at lunchtime, Zumba on Thursday and then a free day with no plans on Friday.  Let's keep an eye on the weather forecast before we plan a day out somewhere!

Do you have a busy or a quiet week on the books this week?


Patio Postcards said...

Yeah to Olive's first sleep over being a success ... well for her. I imagine that Cambridge would hold many secrets that would take years to discover all the delights. Let's hope that you had some gift buying success in Cambridge for the upcoming birthdays. Maybe once the friend's home in France is finished, you'll have an invite to the open house there.

Susanne said...

We were able to visit Oxford while in England in 2018, maybe on our next trip over we can catch Cambridge. I am sure there is much to be discovered there as well.

Ruth said...

I am having a reasonably quiet week, although I will need to start thinking about Christmas gifts and the like soon. The Best Friend and I are off to a Crop this coming weekend, so I will have to pack for that that, clothes and scrapbooking kit.

I love Cambridge!!

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip - sounds delightful! Enjoy having the little ones there today! It's nice when the slower weeks balance out the busy ones.....we need time to catch up (and recoup) at our age - ha!!

Barbara Eads said...

Oh, my, gosh! I had to laugh at your experience of sleeping with a child in the bed. It's always terrible!! When my grands were little, I thought it would make such good memories for them. Instead, it just ruined a night's sleep for us!! I had to "ditch" my romantic ideas about sharing a bed and made my memories other ways!