Tuesday 1 November 2022

A sentence a day in October

 We started October with a gloriously warm and sunny day - autumn is such a lovely month when the weather stays dry!

Day 1 Rosie's ballet cardigan fits and she wore it to her lesson this morning - that's a relief! (watch the video to see her modelling it!)

Day 2 A quiet Sunday at home - nice to get back to crocheting my Christmas blanket, didn't feel 100% and it seems I am losing my voice

Day 3 Popped over to the toy superstore in Harlow to get a present for Olive, still a very croaky voice (covid test negative!) Leo's wobbly tooth finally came out

Day 4 Had a hairdresser appointment, doesn't it feel nice when you come home with freshly cut and styled hair?

Day 5 Had Olive here for the day - we have reached the 'dangerous' stage where she is pulling herself up on anything and everything - including dogs 😳

Day 6 Zumba in the morning, went shopping in the afternoon and bought ... some Christmas presents! 

Day 7 Paul was out all day with a friend so I had the house to myself to catch up on some crochet and watch recorded tv programmes that he doesn't like!  Went to friends for a surprise 70th birthday dinner in the evening.

Day 8 Jon, Max and Olive came for lunch as Sophie was on her sister's 'hen do', had a lovely walk in the sunshine in the afternoon

Day 9 Went to my cousin's house for Sunday lunch along with my sister and brother in law - what a treat!

Day 10 A rainy start to the day but by the afternoon the sun was out and we were able to spend time tidying up in the garden - will this be the last time we mow the lawn this year?

Day 11 Rosie and Leo here after school, that time between 3.15 pick up and getting out to drop Leo at Beavers for 5pm flies by. 

Day 12 Olive here for the day - a good excuse for us to both have a little after dinner nap!

Day 13 Zumba, then out for lunch with my author friend

Day 14 Optician's appointment, prescription unchanged so no need/excuse for a new pair of glasses! Booked my Covid booster.

Day 15 A lazy Saturday which felt just about right

Day 16 Made a photobook of the three trips away that we have had this year, it takes longer than you think!  Took Leo for his swimming lesson in the evening.

Day 17 A catching up on chores and doing some more crochet kind of day

Day 18 Popped into town to pick up some wide leg trousers I had ordered, I can't decide whether to keep them or not, I've become too used to slim leg jeans and trousers!

Day 19 Had Olive here for the day, weather was chilly but sunny so we had a lovely long trip over the park to see the ducks in the afternoon.

Day 20 Zumba was good fun, caught up with household chores in the afternoon

Day 21 Lunch out at Franco Manca - what a delicious pizza!  Babysat Max and Olive in the evening

Day 22 Lunch out at Giggling Squid (lunch out two days in a row!) Babysat Leo and Rosie, they were well behaved, their dog however was a pickle

Day 23 Sunday - just the two of us, a well earned rest

Day 24 Coco went to the vet for a check up on her heart, still within 'high normal' boundaries with another scan booked for January

Day 25 Appointment with ENT consultant, a new plan of action in place trying to avoid surgery, went to our local arts theatre in the evening to see our friend's very talented daughter ( represented Britain in the Eurovision song contest a few years ago) performing for a local charity which supports mental health in school age children.  Such a good evening.

Day 26 Olive came for the day, her last visit before she turns one!

Day 27 Zumba was fun today, as it was close to halloween we not only danced, but played a silly game which involved dancing with a balloon stuck between your legs!

Day 28 Olive's first birthday!  

Day 29 Olive's birthday party, it was lovely to see the cousins all playing together and her birthday cake was amazing, lemon and poppyseed sponge with white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries!

Day 30 British Summertime officially ended in the early hours of today, an extra hour in bed! Had my Covid booster 

Day 31 Lunch out at our local pub with two ex-work colleagues - feeling slightly under the weather after my vaccination, bit of a headache and achy arm.

And so ends another month!  Time for the 1 second round up care of 1 Second Everyday


Patio Postcards said...

A lovely month. Rosie's ballet sweater is so pretty. Olive's birthday cake does sound yummy. Fingers crossed that no ENT surgery is required.

Jennifer said...

Aw, I love that video! What fun....actually sounds like a completely full and lovely month! I am curious what Beavers is?? Here's to a new month full with happy days!!

Ruth said...

I love reading these! The ballet cardigan is gorgeous ... I would quite like one!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

The Halloween game at Zumba sounds fun! Pretty ballet cardigan. Our Rosie, aged 3, now makes her own choices about what she wears, and it can take a long time ! Rosie's birthday cake sounds amazing!