Monday 14 August 2023

Me on Monday

 Last week was a week of lost teeth for Leo and new lunch places for me. Leo lost both of his front top teeth so he looks very different nowadays! They were so wobbly they made me feel a bit squeamish as he showed me how close they were to falling out. So he is keeping the tooth fairy busy.

A couple of weeks ago the food critic for The Guardian, Grace Dent, reviewed a new cafe which opened in Saffron Walden which she said ‘promises little and completely over delivers’. Two things I enjoy are Saffron Walden, and unpretentious rustic styled lunch places so of course we had to go! I had one of their ‘small plates’ of mortadella with cornichons and focaccia bread with burnt butter. So simple but so delicious and the coffee was lovely too.

We have a different house guest for the next couple of weeks, meet Pumpkin

Which is confusing Coco as I refer to her as my 'little pumpkin'.  I'm hoping that this visitor will be a little less demanding than the little black dachshund we had recently!

Not much time to talk this morning, we are off to the coast very soon.  Yes I know it rained overnight and yes it is still a bit damp underfoot but the weather report assures me that it is better on the east coast and things will brighten up as we get closer.  I have the picnic made, the coffee in a flask, and a bewildered dog sensing something is different this morning and not sure if she is involved in the plans.  She can relax, she is definitely coming too!

Have a good week x


Patio Postcards said...

Oh my that is a different sort of houseguest, very cute. I hope you enjoy your day outing & picnic ... fingers crossed the weather folks are correct in their forecast.

Jennifer said...

That lunch looks delicious! Hope your week ahead is a good one....and includes one or two more fun surprises - like two lost teeth in one week!! Super cute:) said...

I imagine my Purrsnickity is feeling a bit like Coco. First, we found the new little kitty. Then I had to put down Snicky's lifelong friend, Purrsimmony. And I am sure Snick wonders where Sim is. Now Purrcival is the center of attention and Snick is watching him very cautiously from halfway across the room. Does Coco sit by Pumpkin's cage and stare?

Hope your beach outing was as pleasant as it sounded. How nice to take a picnic to the coast for just the day. We are overdue a trip to the beach.

I guess Leo is a rich boy these days. Lucia has 2 'windows' in her mouth that show no signs of new teeth coming it. She has looked toothless for months. I don't know if we would recognize her with teeth.

Enjoy your weekend. We are babysitting!!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I hope you enjoyed your time on the coast. I love a good walk along the beach. It's good for the soul.
I hope too, that the tooth fairy was good to Leo. Two teeth at once! Surely that's worth double :0)

Ruth said...

Just catching up - do hope that cute wee Pumpkin behaved herself (?) during her stay with you!

And I hope the tooth fairy was generous to Leo?