Monday 14 August 2023

Photo hunt check in 1

 Oh dear, I missed the official date to share the first findings for our Summer Scavenger Hunt - are you joining in too?  It certainly makes you keep your eyes open when you go out! 

Number one, a plant with thorns

Apparently this is a Black Lotus Tree - look at the size of those thorns!

Number five - a bridge

This was taken on the day we visited Capel Manor, nothing fancy but an interesting view through to a bench behind that archway

Number six - A school 

Not just any old school, This is the school that I went to between the ages of five and eleven.  Now a private house but when I see it I always remember it as a school.

Number nine, A pothole in the road

This was not difficult to find, our town has a major issue with potholes this year and this is one on the exit road from our local supermarket car park that I frequently have to avoid.

Number ten - A white flower

I was spoiled for choice on this prompt when we went to Capel Manor but I liked the way this was growing up, over and through the old wall.

So that is the beginning of the hunt for me.  I think I have ticked off a few more on my recent holiday but need to have a proper look through before I share them.


Patio Postcards said...

Deb thanks for joining in on the 2023 SPSH. Great finds! OM goodness those thorns are huge, I would hate to back into those branches. Your school (now home) is a beautiful building, who wouldn't want to go to school there.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Fun challenge! That spiky plant looks horrendous! Where did you take the pic?

Barbara Eads said...

OMGosh! Your pictures are beautiful. I would enlarge several of them (the bridge, the school and white flower), frame them and hang them in my home. I've done that with my own photos--from England and France!

Jennifer said...

Wow a beautiful building for a school! I would enjoy (even more!) going off to school there! Love that bridge, too and the view beyond. But I was imagining you stopping the car as you exited the parking lot (car park) to hop out and get a quick photo of a pot hole!! Nicely done:) said...

Nice to know I am in good company having missed the first check in. I have been collecting photos but none of them are very special. Your school and bridge photos are especially lovely. Cannot imagine having attended school is such a quaint building. I took a picture of the first elementary school where I worked but it is abandoned now and looks so sad. We have a lot of potholes, too. And a huge sink hole came up last week out of the clear blue. Would like to get over there to take a photo of it before they get it filled in.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Great finds. I'm struggling to find a pant or tree with thorns. I need a trip out to Ness Gardens I think. They have a whole host of plants to look at.

Ruth said...

Great finds - your old school must be fantastic as a private home! Do you think the old kitchen area will still smell of cabbage?!