Wednesday, 7 January 2009


It wasn't until I took the photo of the page that I realised I hadn't put the numbering on it, but I've done it now.

I'm sure I have the same 'next Christmas I must remember to ...' list every year. I really hope I manage to stick to the 'wrap as you buy' one as I usually end up with bags and bags of shopping still unwrapped a couple of days before the big day so it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. I love presents that come beautifully presented with ribbons and feathers and bows and I know I would have more time and inclination to do that.
Most of all I must try and remember to be organised, and if that means making lists, and more lists, then so be it! This Christmas I really did leave everything until the last minute and it just meant a more stressful time when I should have been relaxing and winding down. Someone please remind me of this in about October before it is too late ....!

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