Sunday, 11 January 2009


The theme behind the prompt for the 5th was packing every thing away after Christmas. There comes a point after the new year when I am fed up with picking up cards that have got knocked off the mantlepiece, and dusting round the poinsetta and kind of want to put the lamp back in the corner where the Christmas tree is. It's that feeling of wanting to put the house back to normal. No matter how much you want to put the decorations up at the beginning of December, there is definitely a point at which you realise it is time for them to be packed away.

I never manage to get to 12th night before the decorations come down, they are always done on the weekend before. And every year, good intentions to pack carefully, label nicely and put them back in the loft in a place that will be easy to find next Christmas. It never happens!

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