Thursday, 8 January 2009

Embarrassing Chickens

I've just had a traumatic evening involving a chicken. Not just any chicken, a lovely chicken that apparently spent many a happy day roaming freely around a farm in Suffolk. I put the chicken into the oven at 5.15, anticipating a lovely roast dinner at about 7pm. The veggies were cooking, and I took the beast out of the oven. Yuk. What was that oozing out of the end of it? Something brown and icky. Something lumpy. Lumps which when squished, showed a chalky inside. Clearly something that should have been cleared out of said chicken before it was sent onto the supermarket.
I was going to write it off as a bad experience, then thought 'no, this wasn't a cheap 'value' bird, I paid extra for a good quality chicken and I haven't got what I paid for' So I took it back to Waitrose. The lady at customer service agreed it was yucky and no it certainly shouldn't have had that inside it. She apologised profusely and assured me it was not to the standard that Waitrose expect. She took the label off me to scan through the till for a refund. Which is when the embarrassment started. The chicken had been bought in Tesco. We both agreed that I should probably buy my chickens from Waitrose in future!
This is what happens when you live in a town which has too many supermarkets, how's a girl supposed to remember where she did her shopping this week?!

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