Thursday, 28 May 2009

1940s page

This is a page I have wanted to do for a while now. I wanted to go through some old photos and find some of my Mum & Dad when they were young. Sadly, both of them have died now and so I can't put dates to the pictures but I am guessing that as the smaller photo is of my Dad in uniform it must have been taken during the war. The larger picture has a photogapher's stamp on the back so I know it was taken in Margate and I know it was before my sister was born so I am guessing around 1948.

I must confess to having had a little cry this afternoon as in amongst the photos I found two love letters from my Dad to my Mum. One was written when she was in hospital waiting to have my sister and the other is dated 8 years later, 2 days after I was born. So emotional, and a precious insight into how the arrival of Gill and myself was treasured by them both. It was so lovely to be reminded of the love they had for each other and I think these photos show a very happy couple.

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Sarah said...

This is lovely!