Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pen Pals

When I was about 10, I fell in love with Davey Jones in the Monkees. ( I do realise I am showing my age here!) So I joined the Monkees fan club and saw an advert for putting other Monkee fans in touch with you to become pen friends. I was given the address for a girl named Cindy who lived in Chicago. Cindy and I started writing to each other .... and 40 years later, we are still in contact!
We have met twice. She came over to Britain in 1978 and when I went with my family to Florida in 1998 she travelled down to St Pete's Beach with her daughter and her niece to meet up with us for a few days.
Tomorrow she is flying out to the UK with her husband on the start of a grand European tour and will be spending 24 hours in London before she travels down to Southampton to join her cruise. It's going to be so lovely to see her again and to meet her husband for the first time. They are staying with us overnight and I can hardly wait! We have a lot of catching up to do!
As I will be posting photos (and a couple of scrap pages no doubt) I thought it might be fun to dig out a picture from our first meeting. This picture was taken when we went out for a meal with my parents before she returned back to the USA.

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