Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Crop

Today was the monthly crop day at Welwyn Garden City. As Paul had flown out to Italy on his cycling trip in the morning, Rachel decided to come and spend the day with me which was really nice.
The theme for the pages was 'Boy' but I had already decided I wanted to use the photos I took when Cindy and Ray were over, so I had to make a few adjustments but I am pleased with how the pages came out.

I liked the way the 'star' page incorporated a frame around the photo. I hadn't thought to do that before but it does make the picture more of a focal point. When I first saw the papers we were using, I wasn't that keen on them and they were not something that I would have chosen if I saw them in a shop but when I started cutting them up and putting them together, I really liked them. That's the good thing about going to a day like this, you get to try things that you wouldn't normally do. The lettering on the 2nd layout took some time as we had to make each individual letter ourselves. It used a special cutter and again, I would never have gone to the expense to buy one of those so it was good to try it out.
All in all, I think the pictures went well on the pages, and I am pleased that I have 2 nice layouts to remember Cindy's visit by.
Sue kept us pretty busy as there was a 3rd layout to do as well which again used materials I have not tried before like painting and stamping on acetate. I should have that page finished tomorrow as it just needs a few final touches.
It's been a busy day, Paul had an early flight so I have been awake since 5am and then I've been concentrating on the crop all day. I need some sleep ........

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