Tuesday 19 October 2010


I'm sitting in bed typing up today's Blogtoberfest entry on my daughter's laptop. The morning news and weather is on the tv and apparently we are in for a chilly day. It's still dark outside even though it is 7am and the heating woke me up when it switched on this morning. It really is Autumn. I love the colours of autumn, I love the bright sunny days when you go out for a walk, wrapped up warm. What I don't like is the dark mornings and short daylight hours. Everything seems to be more of an effort. I go to a Rosemary Conley exercise class on a Monday evening and it is so hard to drag myself out of the armchair to strip off into gym gear and dance around in the local community centre. I always feel virtuous when I get home but it would be so easy to cry off and say 'I'll miss this week, but work doubly hard next week'. That's a slippery slope!
But it's week two of the bookbinding course today and I'm looking forward to seeing what the teacher has in store for us today. After last week's experience I am sure she will keep any pretty paper and soft leather hidden away if she wants us to get any work done!


Liberty :) said...

ooh your class sounds like fun! I went out on Saturday to snap some shots of the autumn colours, only to find most of the trees were still green!? I was probably in an evergreen forest LOL!
I know what you mean about extra effort to move out of the armchair though, I went to asda last night in the battering rain and thought "this is what online shopping is made for" LOL!

Sian said...

Aha! Someone else who types in bed! Bet you type a lot faster than I do though lol. I might be retreating back to bed if it gets any colder here - our boiler is broken again.

Enjoy the bookbinding

humel said...

Chilly is right today, brrr.... We've had the odd torrential (icy) downpour, too! Hooray for snuggly beds and working boilers (sympathies to Sian xx)

Enjoy the bookbinding - can't wait to hear about it! :-)

Denise said...

Heating's on here and I hope you enjoy your next installment of bookbinding x

Maria Ontiveros said...

The kids have pulled out the extra blankets for their beds, so winter seems to be right around the corner. May have to turn the heat on soon!