Saturday 23 October 2010

Winter draws on

Signs that Winter is approaching
  1. The husband reminds me that Winter doesn't officially start until 21 Dec whenever I moan about how I hate being cold in Winter
  2. A can of de-icer appears beside the front door so that it can be grabbed easily by the first one out in the morning
  3. No one moans about having casserole more than once a week
  4. I am woken by the sound of the radiators warming up rather than my alarm clock
  5. The thicker duvet is put on the bed - 1st night last night and it felt like drifting off to sleep in a cloud. Well, in a cloud next to a rhinoceros with sinusitis actually (the husband snores)
  6. The daughter's Ugg boots have come out of hibernation
  7. The husband is moaning about lack of socks caused by the daughter preferring his socks to hers inside said Ugg boots
  8. The laundry basket is full of opaque tights
  9. Saturday night social life revolves around Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor
  10. I start to whistle Christmas tunes whilst cooking dinner. Apparently this is very annoying although I fail to see why.


humel said...

#10 is surely just revenge for #1 and #5?!

Liberty :) said...

these are great observations deb!!! are you going to scrap them?

scrappyjacky said...

This looks like a list I could have made!! Apart from no.10!!

Sian said...

Yup, we've just got our Ugg boots out here!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Love this although my Uggs have been on my feet for two weeks now...& I never wear socks with them...they're toasty just as they are!!! & as for the snoring?...well I give as good as I get I'm afraid!!! LOL!!!

Rachel Brett said...

I miss-read the title at first, lol! We can tell winter is here as Adam is sleeping in slightly later!

Alexa said...

Oops, just lost my post ... Let's try again. Oh my, what a wonderful tale! This has a real film quality to it - I can just see it in my mind's eye through your great story-telling ability. I'm all agog now - did you get satisfaction in Tesco? Have you ever gone back to the Waitrose branch?